Medical Discharge??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bombdr2494, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Ok so i have recieved my discharge papers. It states: I am writing to tell you that the recomendations of your recent medical board have been confirmed. You will me medically discharged from the army in accordance with the Queens Regulations 1975 para 9.385.

    My query is, is this a medical discharge ( i have read QRs on the net and still could not tell ) So if there are any QR gurus out there that could clarify this for me id be extermely gratefull.
  2. A VERY helpfull chappy from the RBL helped me on this one, and informed me that it IS a MD. He also added that the MOD is facing a massive backlog of people who have been disabled in some way shape or form through active service, and that they are trying to kick a lot of people out through the route of admin discharge, so they do not have to pay a penny. If anybody else is facing the same problem, the number is 08457725725 and you want to speak to David Mayhue. I wouldnt want a fellow soldier to have the same crap i have had. Hope this information is of use to somebody else. :thumright:
  3. Para 9.385 is "Ceasing to fulfil Army medical requirements, that is medically unfit under existing standards"

    The letter also tells you who your IERO is and you should get in touch with that person asap if you have not already done so to talk about your Resettlement entitlement.
  4. I have already started the resettlement route mate, jjust taken some time and phone calls. Thanks for the speedy reply.