Medical Discharge

Discussion in 'Transition & Veterans Research' started by BTR0178, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. To All,

    I am part way through my medical discharge route, and up tell now (over the last 6 months or so) i knew **** all about what was happening and what was going on. so i thought it would be a good idea to start a thread and continue to add to it as i go through the process. the only things i knew, but not for certain were through using this site and other snippits from forums etc...

    My personal current situation is as follows;

    July, I went for a review at the med centre, (hoping to be upgraded for a CLM course), where the outcome was that with my condition i should really be looking at discharge under medical grounds....yeah not how i intended my monday morning going... but, the civvie MO decided that it would be best for me to be med discharged....i left there scratching my head about it all....

    after about two/three weeks, the boss went on his UHC meeting and the MO explained that i should be looking at MD, so he came back to me and explained it as well (quote unquote, "snobby civvie **** thinks you should be out the door") so we filled out the APP 18, which was basically in my own terms "can you still work, if so what limitations do you have" I could still do MATTS, (which i was required to carry on doing, i completed all off them in the hope it would show i could still stay in)

    We discussed about, risk factors, what they can do to help, PT, working hours etc.... then we signed it and two copies went out, one to my CSM. Which replaced my APP9, and one to the MO.

    after it getting lost 2/3 times, despite it being hand delivered, thats the last i had heard, then all of a sudden three weeks ago (after being in limbo, am i going or not...and no on able to tell me **** all) i received a call from the Occupational Health Team, who had booked me in for a TMMB (two man medical board) the following week. They left me a package at the med centre front desk, which i had to collect and take with me, it contained a FMED24, which is kind of like a summary sheet, where you put in the origin of your injury/illness etc and a back story, so that the medical team are able to gather a background to whats happened, but also so that it can be sent off to places like the AFCS

    I turned up in uniform, all pressed and shiny, i had a urine test, hearing test, body measurements taken etc.... then i filled out about 17,893,843 forms...

    after waiting for what seemed like an eternity in an empty silent waiting room, a little senile old man walks in and took me through to where a doctor was sat waiting for me, we talked through everything that had happened, including how it affected me at work, at home, sleep, etc... then he asked me about what were my plans post military service, and what i did before hand.

    he then invited in another doctor, who he ran back everything we had spoke about and then asked me to leave the room whilst the conversed about me and "the case"

    about 30 minutes went by then they invited me back in and he said "its absolutely clear, you should begin medical discharge activities immediately" he handed me a APP12, which stated everything i needed to know and explained that i should seize all military duties immediately and inform my COC. so i went back to camp with an information pack about "what now?" and handed it in to the boss, he said go home get out your kit and start putting it all in my grips, ready to de-kit.

    He called me on the monday in to go and see the clerks, who did a Force Work flow, which basically took off the main spreadsheet, and onto the WISMIS side of things so that they could fill my PID. i then had an implications briefing off the RAWO, this explained to me about the leave days i was entitled to, the i had a briefing from the RCMO, then the UWO, who put me on WISMIS and we filled out some personal details forms for my contact details, NOK etc... the UWO asked me to report to the PRU and have a little look around etc....

    after that i went to the education centre, where i spoke to my IERTO (individual education resettlement training officer) who went through my entitlements for funding towards course, we filled in a few forms and applied for the funding on JPA. as well applying for my learning credits etc....

    **** me, i did not think it would take this long to write this, if you're still reading, well done that man!

    after this i then went and spoke to my UWO again who has already began booking me into course at the PRU for CRE training, not sure what it stands for, i was spoke to a lot this day... but cant get me in tell next year. basically CV writing etc....

    So now im in limbo again but at home, just waiting tell the new year to start a CRE course..... i have shit loads of print outs if anyone wants me to upload them so you can see things for your self, and i hope this helps people so they kind of know whats going to happen if they are under a similar route, like i said before, i had to find out a lot of the shit that was going on from anywhere but my own unit as they were pretty ******* useless at it...... any questions just ask, i didn't want to go into too much detail... i have the attention span of a child on meth...
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  2. Lots of people have lots of different experiences when getting discharged.
    CRE is core recovery event. Google "wismis" and there are a few official pages explainin a few things.
    Don't be fooled into thinking you will be going straight to a PRU. Your AO will apply but that's is no guarantee. (There are limited spaces) you can do MAC and CRE courses (and other resettlement related stuff while you wait)
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  3. stacker1, yeah i completely agree, even has different experiences, i just hope me waffling on and explaining whats happening to me will help someone else who is going through the same, im on a MAC course in march, and i'm using the facilities at Tedworth house for the time being tell i start CRE induction in January. My PTSD is from finding my best friend post suicide.
  4. BTR0178
    Mate thanks for this I'm now on for a MD but didn't have a clue what would happen, but after reading your blog things are a lot clearer. Is the questioning by the doctors harsh???
  5. PercG no worries mate, i do need to update this massively ! its harsh but they go into details about how it affects you day in and out, at home etc... but its kind of pink and fluffy at the same time
  6. I've asked for this to moved to another forum where you won't get silly answers. Hope that's OK.
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  7. The_Duke

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  8. napier

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    I was under the impression that med discharge could only occur once a medical condition had stabilised. It seems strange that PTSD, a treatable condition, is cause for being discharged while the time scale seems pretty compressed - do you have a discharge date? I would speak to these people About us as I wouldn't trust the chain of command to understand the difficulties you may be facing.
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