Medical Discharge

Can some one please offer me some advice, I am a young soldier currently based at catterick, I have completed Harrogate, whilst completing P company after a 10 mile run I collapsed and went into a fit because of lack of sleep lack of food and full of cold , they said is was because i had low sugar in my blood, i have completed evry test going since this hapend and everything is normall but what the civillian doctors are saying i will be MD because this may happen again yet there is no evidance to support this, I want to stay inn how do i stay in how do i fight this
Ye stupid of me but i have breakfast now, but you must remember what is like you dont no if you are on your arse or head at the time, so what do i do next
You know if you've got a car whether you're driving it round the block, to work or across the other side of the planet it's gonna need fuel!


Good advice already given. Your MO will know what questions to ask, just give truthful answers. A point to note is the MO will give whatever decision they make with the best interests of the Army & you in mind.

Keep your fingers crossed & hope for the best.

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