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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by spammedagain, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Just had a full medical board and informed that i am P8 and will be medically discharged, told to go home do not go to work and dekit and wait for information regarding my last day of service. I have been told that i will most probably find out in the new year when that is. Does anyone know when they work the days out from is it the date of the medical board or when they receive it at Records or some other randomly selected day.

  2. Was taking around 6 months from Med Board to notification so may take up to a year until you're a civvy. Be aware that there is a huge backlog of people going through the medical discharge process and the Med Discharge Cell isn't staffed with anything other than minimal manpower.

    The positive from this is all time counts towards pension and of course you're getting paid!
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  3. Thanks EScotia slightly longer than i was led to believe by the med board. I'll just course myself to death to stave off the boredom instead. I have already served 26 years so wasn't too worried about the pension to be honest, just waiting to find out when i am a Mr and also what percentage they class me as. Getting paid is always a bonus!!!
  4. In case you aren't aware, if you get medically discharged you cannot commute your pension so be very careful when planning your 2nd life!
  5. I have read through the Pap 10 info and had a look at other threads on here so was aware of that issue so had taken that out of the equation already, but thanks for the info. Planning for the rest of my life commencing and looking forward to it....!
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  6. Flipping 'eck, that's a rarity :)
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  7. forewarned is forearmed as they say, don't like going into things without any info.. :)
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  8. Hi

    Not sure if you've had your date yet ... But I had my board in mid Oct and received written confirmation early Nov then swiftly followed by a termination date of end Mar 2013. So it can come round fairly quick!

    With regards to courses, you should have access to a PRU and its resources. They can help with funding for courses in addition to any Enhanced Learning Credits, inc T & S.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. Hi Mustard1066,

    Had my med board 10 Nov and still waiting for a date, they did say that it may not be until after Christmas due to silly season, I will have to pop to my local Pru and have a chat with them. Hope everything oes well with your relocation and your transition to civvy street.

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  10. Hi been looking through these threads in desperation. I have had a bad four years, serious illness and injuries, I am close to my 20 yr point and realised my body is taking longer to recover, I am getting ill more often, my knees are creaking badly and I keep aggravating an old injury. I have trained and trained to get fit, which I am in some areas but stuff like AFT and PFA I can no longer keep up. I am considering seeing the MO as my unit are getting fed up with me. I am getting very depressed that I can not keep up with the youngsters also the constant illness and injuries are getting my a reputation. They are not going to put up with it any longer, I have 2 years to push I dont want to lose my pension if they kick me out, and what it the process if they do PAP 10 me. Typical army likes to hide its rules in legalese and in publications hard to find. Was going to sign off as they advertise that past 18 yrs and forty you get an immediate pension which look like lies to me. I have even considered filling in the AFCS form for 7 seperate injuries and illnesss, can I do that?
  11. 1. You've not been looking very hard then have you as there's a wealth of information on this site covering all your points.

    2. The army certainly does not hide it's rules in legalise in fact it goes a very long way trying to ensure they are written in an easy to understand way or providing people e.g. your AGC staff or Medical Centre staff to explain them in a simple, confidential and easily understandable way.

    3. Regarding signing off and pensions, point 1 applies but as it's you:

    Join them & ask, they are the SME's in this area - Forces Pension Society - Fighting for the Forces and their Families

    4. Regarding AFCS, point 1 applies again.

    I can see why you might think your unit may be losing patience with you!
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  12. Any news?

    Remember that the discharge date has to take account of the transfer of your medical care to the NHS (some aspects of rehab and mental health can only be done by the military) and whether you have completed the most appropriate resettlement for you.

    The references are 2012DIN01-170 the Defence Recovery Policy and the medical chapter of JSP 534 that has just been rewritten and published.
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  14. Been given my date and am now carrying out courses at my local PRU to sort out my CV etc, looking at my main resettlement course and making sure everything is place for leaving..It is all going scarily smoothly at the moment (that'll be the kiss of death then), I will have a look at the JSP and DIN next week when i am in camp.
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