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Medical Discharge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by needaknee, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Got my date for my medical discharge from occupational health in APC Glasgow, but can anyone tell me who decides which Tier you recieve apparently it not APC?????? any info ^_^
  2. SPVA deal with it all.

    For the 4000000th time.
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  3. Snail,

    what day do we get paid on this month?
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  4. By the way needaknee i hope your not under the great doctor in catterick for your new knee as its gonna be a long wait.
  5. You dont, because you spend most of your time either in a car, or on a ferry, or in the med centre, or on my couch thinking I'm going to make you a brew.
  6. Ha ha ha see you next month lol
  7. Guns

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    @The Snail. Is it true I get a RSM pension if I have been a Private for 22 years????
  8. I'm actually trying to be helpful for once, and you lot are just taking the piss.

    Say sorry.
  9. That's only if you punch your RSM within 10 seconds of him waking you up...
  10. Guns

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    Shuffle shuffle, head down

    Sorry miss......
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  11. Guns, you ******* sneck!I thought you had more balls than that!
  12. I contacted JPAC reference medical discharge pension lump sum and they have said I will receive 3 x my pension enhanced. What does this mean (before anyone says yes I am stupid) is this 3 x my 22 year money or 3 x a years pension payment. Can someone give me a clue (rank Sgt 22 year service)
  13. 3 x annual pension
  14. You're not stupid, just bone ******* idle.
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  15. going right back to basics, is your knee injury pre April 2005 or post April 2005?

    pre April 2005 you will have your paperwork considered under the War Pension Scheme (WP works on a % scheme)
    post April 2005 you will have your paperwork considered under the AFCS scheme (AFCS works off a Tiered sceme)

    just because you are getting MD'd doesn't mean you will automatically get an award off of either scheme.

    I and probably others who have already posted, will suggest you read previous posts in the AFPS thread located here

    Armed Forces Pension Scheme

    as they will give you all the info you need, or at least contacts of who to speak to