Medical Discharge

when you go in front of a med board, they will give you a percentage disability and whether it is attributable or not. The higher the percentage and if it is attributable, the higher the payout.
ducati916 said:
Go speak to your local British legion, they will fill you in on alot of details regarding MD
Also, whilst speaking with the British Legion, if your injury was caused on active military service, you may be able to claim a War Pension. Also be prepared for a long hard slog for this though.
thanks for the info, i pretty much guessed that i would have a fight on my hands! Im hoping the fact that the sports store issued faulty skis for adventurous training will ensure its attributable.
EXBQMS said:
thats crap madmackem14, the med board recommends you for MD the civvy cnuts in Blackpool then give you the percentage then you have to fight them to achieve a decent award, very seldom do they hand out what you deserve initially, be prepared for a long hard slog and whatever they give you if you feel its not appropriate appeal immediately
Exactly correct - get your medical centre to give you ALL your medical notes under the Freedom of Information Act use the SAD on the intanet for the request they have to respond in 20 days - with all the info.

Then on exit submit your claim - good luck


Barry_Trotter said:
ducati916 said: prepared for a long hard slog for this though.
You might be surprised, and not have to slog too hard. WPA rely on a local quack to report on your condition. I'd advise you to do as I did; when you see the doctor, take a walking stick with you.

Regarding your medical docs, make getting a copy your highest priority - they get sucked up into the admin vortex the second you step through the gates into the World.
MAD, You would be refuesed access to your Med Records if you tried an enquiry under the FOI, ..... however if you you make a request (SAR) using the Data Protection Act you will get a copy of your record.

In most cases the Veterans Agency (VA) (new name for the War Pensions Agency) will use your final medical and medical records to "paper board" you and will then assess the nature, cause and level of your incapacity and from that will come your award.

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