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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by needaknee, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. I had just completed 21 years and 9 months when I was told that I was to be medically discharged, I had my med board and told to go on sick leave till Discharge wing Glasgow decided when I could leave. My 22 years have now just passed and I have been told that my discharge may not be until June/ July, what I would like is for anyone out there is can you tell me what I am entitled to financially and what happens to my 22 year pension. Some friends say I should get a larger pension but SPVA/JPAC cannot comment till they find out what tear I will recieve. My problem is that I need a total knee replacement with stabilsation, can anyone give me advice and some figures.

  2. Thanks for the reply, My problems started when I had an operation for shin splints that I did not need, also I have had an ankle athrodisis (fusion of joint secured by a bolt) so basically I have many problems with my leg .
  3. I am just starting to go down the MD' route. My MO has just received my Fmed 23 back from OH (2 man board). I'm in later this week to see what's what. Am I right thinking it will be to complete the remaining paperwork ie fmed 24 fmed 7 etc etc ready for a full board?
  4. As TS has already intimated, there are now many threads upon which information can be found. Should not be able to get eyes on JSP's etc, check your pm's.
  5. I have read jsp's and pap10 but it still does not explain the process clearly ie do you have to go from a 1 man board to a 2 man board then a 3 man board or do you get referred to whatever board is most apptoptiate .
  6. Sorry appropriate board
  7. 7011, if you want to PM me with some scant details, I will be more than happy to try and help you out.

    I'll need to know what paperwork you've received so far and I have no interest in your real name, your unit etc. etc.
  8. Cheers Snail. I had a 1 man board in Jan 12 a fmed 23 was filled out and sent to OH for a 2 man Board . I got a call from OH to tell me to go back to MO to discuss the result of the 2 man board ie they returned the fmed 23 . Is this where the process begins of filling in forms for the full med board
  9. Can you get into chat? It's so much easier than having some of these lot rip into you.

    Front page, the big button that says "Chat". Piece of piss.
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  11. Then do as TS asked, pm her. The last thing you want to do is put too much info on a public website. TS can be trusted, experience always counts!
  12. Hey needaknee,

    I am in a similar position, had micro fracture surgery on my ankle recently and have been told I may need an ankle arthrodesis. Can you tell me how you got on with it and what restrictions you have had, I am at 21 year point so do not know whether to leave at my pension point or look for a med discharge. Still early days for me as not due out until 2015 as i got 2 years VEng but not sure with my ankle whether I will be able to stay in. Still waiting for AFCS to look at my claim although initial injury was nearly 12 months ago so have no idea what to expect.

    Any info greatly appreciated as I feel in the dark at the moment. Cheers
  13. Hi I wondered if anyone knew the timeline for a Medical Discharge, my paper waork was done in October last year and sent off in November. I have now completed 22 years service and I know I am still getting paid but I just want it all over to get on with my life, so if anyone knows or who I can ask Please help.

  14. Hi I ahd my athrodisis in June 2008 and was ok for the first year and then went down hill, just had xray at my local hospital and they asked why i had this done as it does not seem to have done anything, also I am having movement which this was not supposed to happen. So as posted before check out everything about the proceedure, ref the MD or leave as normal I wish I had left as normal and claimed when I left, as your fittness suffers as you have always your ankle in the back of your mind.