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Medical Discharge??


Hi all,

Im after a bit of advice... I sat a medical board in Nov 2010 & was medically discharged as i had torn a abductor tendon on pre deployment trainining. As I was living in Germany I was sent on leave there and then I have handed my 1157 back & id card, It has since been over3 months & still nothing. Iv rang Glasgow every week to see if i have a discharge date. I have no really been advised or know what to expect any help ?


I also wasnt given a % of disability all i was told was go home on leave Glasgow will write to you with a discharge dat :S
If you have not been given a discharge date, are on leave and you are still being paid, you have not been discharged. It sounds as if the Med Board recommended your discharge, this should be the start of the discharge process.

Your admin should still be handled by your Unit, contact them and ask them to chase it up.
In the meantime, have a look at the SPVA website Pensions and Compensation

Who are "they"? I don't know your rank, but I would suggest asking your chain of command to investigate. If you get no joy through this route, approach your RCMO, Padre or anyone else you can trust and ask them to assist.




It can take anything up to five months to process the recommendation from the board, as there is a significant backlog at present. They will write to you as soon as it has been processed, stating your last day in service.

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