Medical Discharge

Whats the terms on a Medical Discharge, how long do you spend in Hook, and is there a payout once your discharged? Also, roughly how long do they give you to rejoin. I'm curious, because i may be facing an MD.


Nope the AFC Harrogate rehab platoon is called Imjin, must be somewhere else


Is it possible to get an MD after leaving 20 years ago. I'm fairly certain I got a dose of something that scrambled my brain causing me to leave early missing out on a payout. I have also always long to rejoin because I am certain I still have something to offer Army. Or at least all the local camp bikes.


Sunny - Or you may not be facing an MD - these things are not always inevitable and your attitude to treatment and rehab will go a long way to keeping you in. Listen to the MOs, physios and ITC gym staff and take it from there.

IIRC, the terms are dependent on how long you've served - but that may have changed as it's been a few years. If you've done less than a year, things may be looking fairly slim. But we don't want to give you that.

Best of British.
With glasses I was seeing 20/15; after lasik I have never had that kind of clarity. I have come to think of lasik as a brain operation, not just an eye operation. After spending that $$ to see worse (let's say about 20/30 IN GOOD LIGHT), I don't wear glasses any more. LOL

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