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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by washedup, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before. Have just received letter saying I,ve been given a 30% disablement for a War Pension at £43.53 a week. Does anyone know if this makes my main pension tax free?
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Those Servicemen/women medically retired/discharged since 1 April 1973 and who received
    a War Pension for the injury (often known as the invaliding condition) that caused their
    medical discharge eg an amputation, should be entitled to either a Service Invaliding Pension
    (SIP) or a Service Attributable Pension (SAP).
    • Both should be tax free and are index-linked from date of award.
    • The relationship between the War Pension, SIP or SAP can be complicated.
    • Those who received a War Pension between 1 April 1973 and 31 March 2004 should all
    have an SAP. If the pensioner had reasonably long service and a low degree of disability,
    he will have a SIP if it was more valuable than the SAP at the time.
    • For those who received a War Pension after 1 April 2004, the MOD takes a separate
    decision on whether, considering the evidence, the injury was likely to have been due to
    service; if not, a SAP will not be put into payment. However, if a SIP is in payment, the
    SIP becomes tax free from the date of War Pension award.
    • Where there is an increase in the War Pension degree of disablement (%) for the Principal
    Invaliding Condition (PIC), and for any conditions consequential to the PIC, the SAP will
    increase by the same percentage. Of the conditions for which you receive a War
    Pension, only the PIC and consequential conditions are included for calculating the
    level of the SAP.
    • Where the War Pension for the PIC decreases within the first year, the SAP will also
    decrease. After the first year the SAP only decreases where the degree of disablement
    falls below 20%; the SAP will then cease. The SAP cannot fall below the SIP for the
    individual’s rank and length of service.
    If your War Pension has changed over the years and your SAP has not, other than for Cost of
    Living increases, your SAP may need adjusting. If you think you are affected, you should
    write to the Service Pension Office requesting an explanation. The address is:
    Pensions Division
    Mail Point 480
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    Glasgow G2 8EX

    Further explanation of AFPSD invaliding benefits can be found at:
    Pension Info
    Tel (for enquiries) 0141 224 3600
    E Mail:

    I get my pension and WP tax free
  3. Thank you for the prompt response
  4. I got my MD and percentage notification at the start of December. Last week I got a letter from Pensions in Glasgow saying that my Invaiding pension is exempt of UK Income tax.

    SPVA notify Glasgow at the same time that they tell you. Glasgow then assess it and then notify you. It takes about 3/4 weeks.

    Call them on: 0800 085 3600 Unlike the SPVA, I found the Pension department at Glasgow to be very helpfull.

    Obviously I'm not asking you to broadcast on here what you were MD'd for, but don't take SPVA's word as final. If your condition has a charitable organisation i.e. BLESMA, Combat Stess, St Dunstans etc etc then I would strongly suggest that you make contact with them and seek guidance. If there isn't any organisation in particular then speak to the British Legion. SPVA Aren't there to help you, they are basicly the governments penny pinchers and there decisions aren't always that accurate.
  5. Cheers
  6. I have been in receipt of War Disability Pension of £29.02 since 2000. I signed off (not medical discharge although i was downgraded when i left) with my final date being Jan 2000 having served 15 years (13.5 yrs mans service)
    Does this mean I might be entitled to another form of pension? nothing was explained to me when i left in spite of asking admin/resettlement/doctors etc
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    To be honest after so long you should really ask to be re assessed, if your condition is worse you could be entitled to more, speak to the veterans welfare service Veterans Welfare Service
  8. Cheers SD.
    I was assessed about 9 months after leaving, although i wasnt expecting it as the Doc at my last unit had processed everything. Ive had annual increments as normal but thats all.
    This is the first ive heard of any other associated pensions as I was just expecting to claim my standard one when I hit 60.
  9. Don't quote me, but had you been MD'd and not signed off then you may have been entitled to a 13 years Service Invaliding Pension. Which if the MoD have accepted that your condition was caused or made worse by service, it may have then been made Tax free and in effect turned into a Service Attributable Pension.
  10. I was awarded a 50% War Pension.

    You should approach Xafinity Paymaster who now administer Army & RAF pensions - you should have been given a letter stating the amount of pension you would have been entitled to at your discharge date, and this would have increased in line with pay rises.

    If you are unable to work due to service related injury you should be able to claim for an early payment of pension (in your case the proportion of pension would be for 13+ years service, however I don't know how Junior service rates toward pension - Paymaster should be able to clarify).

    ... hope this helps