Medical discharge + very confused

Hi everyone

I have been earmarked for medical discharge & have got the arrse about it!
I am a SNUT at a training reg & am awaiting my first posting as i have completed training.
In may 2010 i partially tore my ACL in my left knee & September 2010, i had surgery & was back to full fitness 3 months later.
April 2011 - Accident during a run, completely ruptured the same ligament. This October i have been booked for ACL reconstruction where i will be given a new ligament & is a more permanent fix.
However, i am still getting medically discharged. I believe this will happen around easter time, by which time i will be able to pass my PFA/AFT but have been told that i will still have to go as my recovery time will take to long. Surely if i have returned to full fitness and passed my tests i can move on?
I know this is a little long winded, but this is the short version. Please someone help as i have been left in complete limbo as all the information above i have found out by chance. Squadron 2iC hasn't informed me or even my troop commander of this decision that has already been made!



To get medically discharged you should have to go through a series of med boards, culminating in a full med board chaired by (usually) a full Colonel and assisted by a Lt Col and a nurse. Your unit, CO and MO have paperwork to complete which goes to the full med board who study your med records which will include your RRU report(s) before examining you and then making a decision.

I doubt anyone has made a decision to med discharge you without you being involved at some point so:

1. Speak to your Sqn and ask what they think is happening to your career
2. Speak to your MO and ask what rehabilitation you can expect post Operation and how long will you be given to recuperate and re-prove yourself
Readers of this post may be interested to see Home Page If you have been, or are to be, medically discharged this charity can help you if you need any help or advice finding a civilian job.

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