Medical discharge under PAP 10 vs Redundancy

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Flick1983, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    My hubby who is currently serving in RE and is a SSGT is being medically discharged under PAP10.
    He is being discharged due to the fact that he can't hear high tones in one of his ears anymore and the we have the letter of liability from the army. We got the letter back in 2005 so he's just had to go for a review every 12 months but now with the defense review he is being discharged due to the fact that he can't deploy even though after finding out about his hearing loss he was still sent to iraq in 2003.

    He has been told that he would get his pension straight away because he has done 18 years and as a lump sum he would get 3x his yearly pension.

    I have recently had a look on here and found that if they would offer his redundancy he would 3x the amount that he would get if he's medically discharged.

    Can someone please tell me the best way forward as he does want to stay in and do his full term.

    Many Thanks
  2. How much is his lump sum? and how much do you think he will get if he was offered redundancy?
  3. well under the medical discharge he has been told that he would 3x his yearly pension plus his IP. From what I have read under the redundancy he would get a SCP lump sum, terminal grant, IP and he can commute his some of his pension.
  4. If he's a SSGT his pension should be about 11 or 12k (Roughly) so times by 3 is 33-36k. I don't think many SSgt at their 18 year point getting redundancy will be getting 99-108K.
    You need to see the figures.
  5. I used the redundancy calculator which was on one of the previous posts and it's about £84k that he would get. That's only if he commutes some of pension, if not it's about £59k.
  6. From SPVA he'll get £11,111.40 Yrly pension with £33,334.20 lump sum. Due to hearing being the medical reason it's been said that he won't be looking at a war pension or a minimal one off payment and he doesn't qualify for AFCS. Something has got to be wrong here!
  7. Only if you can prove that he is getting discharged rather than getting redundancy. If there were not any redundancies would he still be getting discharged?
  8. Flick, if there's any chance he will be discharged under PAP10 he will not be considered for redundancy, as he will already have been factored as 'natural wastage' prior to Apr 2015.
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  9. Yes he's discharged under PAP 10, it just seems ridiculous that he is getting considerably less for an injury attributed by the Army and he wishes to stay in than Redundancy where people are leaving on their own accord. We are thinking the legion could advise us on the situation too.
  10. I think the point is, he might not get offered redundancy.
    If you imagine that no one was getting made redundant, would they still be getting rid of him? If the answer is yes then I don't think the legion can help (Although it doesnt hurt to try).
  11. Flick i have been earmarked for PAP 10 and i am a couple of interviews away from my paperwork being sent to Manning and Records, today i was told that i was on the list for redundancy, so i can apply for it but not guaranteed that I will get it. my problem is I have already been given a GIP award for a back injury I claimed for in 2009 so i get that regardless of what happens so this is safe. ive been through the calculator and my lump sum is as you have said earlier considerably more than 3 times my annual pension. so im now in a position where i'm being looked at for PAP 10 and for redundancy! how ridiculous! i wish to apply for redundancy to get the SCP as well as my GIP award and forgo the medical pension because it will only come to the amount of my GIP anyway so i cant really lose only gain if selected for redundancy. the difference for me is £40,000 so i think id be better off applying for redundancy! i know i still need to put my signature to a few more bits of paper so i plan to drag it out as long as i can. in the mean time i hope i can speak to someone in the know who can put off the PAP 10 process at least until sept when ill find out if my application for redundancy is accepted. if it is not accepted then med discharge me by all means.

    is anyone else in the PAP 10 process and on the list for redundancy?
  12. According to the Commanding Officer brief, if you are undergoing treatment (ie ARC etc) then you will not be compulsory made redundant without all options being looked at, and then you will be given the best financial package for you.

    Whether that is redundancy or Med Discharge, however I don't think that will apply if you are below the minimum med standards for retention in your own Corps.

    Then it seems you are going down the PAP10 route and not the Redundancy route, let's face it the PAP10 route will be cheaper in the short term as there is no SCP for you to get, only the Taxman will lose out in his income from your pension if it is deemed attributable to military service.

    That's my understanding of it without delving into the DIN.
  13. What is is his percentage disability? And is he still on AFPS75?
  14. I have been told that i am no longer required due to PAP 10,i have severed just over 20 years service and have got 18 months left before my 22 years’ a Cpl in the army and now i am not sure what will happen or if anything what i will receive reference my pension. They said they will see about a transfer to another Regt/Core but i can not see anyone wanting a P7 none deployable soldier’s it looks more likely that Med Discharge will be on the cards if im lucky.
    Totally gutted with only 18 months left to serve
  15. I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

    20 years in, 18 months left to do? I'd personally tell them to poke it, start your resettlement and please, for the love of baby Jebus, learn how to spell.
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