Medical discharge - TA - post H14

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by oldcolt, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. I re-joined the TA in 2009 and was injured on exercise in 2010 from which I believed I had recovered.
    I mobilized and passed fitness tests/ medical for H14 and during training picked up a couple of injuries and illnesses, ultimately resulting in being medivac'd back from Bastion after an urgent visit to KHAF to the US medical centre there.

    On arrival I was sent home by my unit and ordered to report to my GP. Who immediately said I was unfit to travel for the next few weeks. My unit and Chilwel were not happy with this and, long story short, I was prematurely de-mobilized (against my wishes) but, was still unable to return to my normal civilian work and so, earn a living.

    Since that date, I have been diagnosed with a number of other problems; all of which my GP and consultants believe were directly caused or aggravated by my military service during my time when mobilized. My TA unit MO has now also downgraded me to P8, unfit to soldier, and I am awaiting my discharge papers.

    I am applying for compensation and using the RBL to assist me but, what I would like to know is:
    a) as I was de-mobilized against my will and before my mobilization contract period should have ended, will I be assessed as a regular soldier or TA? The difference in compensation for what may result in long term / permanent partial disabilities/ medical problems could be substantial and I don't want to be ripped off by the MOD. At present, we're living off my wife's part-time earnings, some savings and borrowed money but it's now running out and my business needs me back. It's not a pleasant situation to be in and I feel very badly let down by the system
    b) What does/ will being medically discharged entitle me to (if anything)
  2. You must have been through a medical at Chilwell prior to discharge?

    All very dependant on what you're claiming as military induced illness
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Q a ) Not sure sorry

    Q b) a lifetime of pain, discomfort and a medicine cabinet of funky pills. Welcome to the club.
  4. I had a medical in my absence (which was clever) and was demobilized on military rather than medical grounds, according to the paperwork
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Firstly, sorry to hear about your injury.

    RTMC are very, very quick to demobilise based on DNBI, occasionally in spite of medical evidence. To a certain extent you are reaping the benefits of those who mobilised before you who managed to spin out several years on the sick (and who obviously would not be working cash in hand whilst "sick at home"). Of course, No TA soldier has ever "discovered" a nice back injury while away once they discover that actually it isn't all they had hoped it would be and decided to shorten their tour by going long term sick, either.

    Be prepared to have to fight very hard to get them to admit that you should have been kept on mobilised service to allow you full access to the medical and rehab systems.
  6. I Know nothing therefore will not be offering any advice, however; who ordered you to attend your GP? You were mobilised therefore should have been dealt with within the miltary system. Also why were your TA unit involved at all? For the period of your mobilisation you were outside of that CoC therefore I don't think it should have had anything to do with them.

    Out of interest what were the nature of your illnesses and injuries?
  7. You may very well have shot yourself in the foot (I'm assuimng you didn't :) ) by not attending RTMC after returning to the UK.

    Your GP "Who immediately said I was unfit to travel for the next few weeks."

    So you where so bad that you couldn't get yourself to RTMC then how did you get back to the UK, your Unit and home, then to the GP?
  8. Could be worth your while reading TA Regs Chapter 8 and RFCS. You may also find relevant info on how you should have been managed in AGAI 99, JSP 751 Vol 1 & JSP 770.
  9. You sound very much like someone i know, and your story whislt in bastion rings bells. Is it who i think it is?? Dad?? :p
  10. I can't claim to be expert in these matters at all but here's my sixpence. Your two questions will be answered by the RBL, they are very good at what they do in these matters. As EScotia says, check TA regs etc.
    As far as I'm concerned if your injuries relate to your service then Chilwell should not have de-mobbed you. They will and regularly do as they are under pressure to cut the numbers of blokes 'on the sick'. As someone else has said you can thank those who have gone before you and spent a year or more being paid by the army for a back injury that they have always had etc.
    As I said,the RBL are very good, but if you get no joy it may be worth speaking to Army Legal Services.

    Also- your unit had no authority to send you to your GP. When you landed in the UK you belonged to RTMC, you should have gone to them and gone through the system properly. Had that been the case you may not be in this position now (possibly)
  11. a) Ambiguous post on my part, I should have said my regular unit ordered me home and to see my GP
    b) Whilst I'm not going to quote all of them on here, double pneumonia (possible Legionella strain), causing bi-lateral pleural effusions plus; back injury (no...really!) with acute sciatica.
  12. Lots of wonderful pills got me back relatively pain free. NOT the sort of pills I could take that often and my GP (later confirmed by a consultant and Navy surgeon) agreed that further movement, except by ambulance, would exacerbate my condition. RTMC didn't want to organise that so I stayed put.
  13. Thanks. Will try and log into ArmyNet and find it later.... I may be gone some time
  14. Thanks your Grace. I've seen/ spoken to a few people with injuries and illness since this happened. Some have been treated ok; others... it makes you wonder why you joined
  15. Pax insurance?
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