Medical Discharge, Stress Fracture

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RoyalAnglian, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. i have finish phase 1 training of my CIC At ITC catterick, on TAC 1 i broke my 2nd Metatarsal, A stress Fracture, I was given sick leave for 4 weeks plus my 2 week leave, after six weeks i am due back in a phew days, but i have just had an X-Ray and my foot hasn't fully healed, although there is no physical pain it still hasn't healed, if i need more time off could i be medically discharged and is there anyway around it.
  2. See what happens when you get back and see the MO. I spent 6 months in Williams Company due to a stress fracture, it might not be game over yet.

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  3. My bold as I am feeling particularly pedantic today.

    See your MO when you get back to station & take it from there.

    Stress fractures are known to take longer to heal than a proper 'break'.

    Good luck
  4. Alternatively, you could man up and stop being a whinging pussy!
  5. First rule of the Naafi, before you get any proper answers, post pictures of your naked wife/girlfriend/sister/mum which ever you prefer. Oh and any fit aunties you have, send them round.
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  7. Crow_Bag did you get sick leave and what did you do in williams for like the first month
  8. Yes, what did you do in William's? And why were you in him in the first place?
  9. The man asked you for naked pics of any females that you know or are related to.

    Come on, hopalong, let's see some nurps.
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  10. Is the modern Army such a cold and chilly place that this poor little cunt cannot get an answer internally? I do wonder, looking at this and so many posts why this little half wit and his lambs to the slaughter, seem to lack basic guidance from their leaders?

    Why are such basic, and to this young chappie, crucial, questions not being answered by the system.

    It would appear that no one gives a shit and no one cares, and yet on so many other threads and posts we are told how difficult it is to recruit the little blighters.
  11. I am feeling sorry for him now so this is a picture of his sister taken on holiday last year.

    Now will someone give the lad some advice!

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  12. Yes I got sick leave, though it wasn't as much time as you've had off already. In Williams Coy we did rehab PT every morning followed by lessons for the rest of the day. Once your injury has healed you'll then do progressive PT so that you're fit enough to crack on with training again.

    Well, it was man love Thursday and I was bored...
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    I laughed and then got a bollocking from Mrs OB who is a podiatrist.
  14. First rule of stress fracture club is you dont talk about stress fracture club. Second rule of tress fracture club is dont talk to strangers. Third rule is dont expect sympathy. Fourth is shag a nurse. Now hop to it.
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  15. Unless it's your arm you've fractured in which case march smartly to it!