Medical Discharge Question

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by zom757, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. I'm downgraded (CPND Geo) and doubt I will ever regain my fitness in my remaining 4 years of service. Is it worth pushing for a medical discharge and taking my pension and applying for a war pension or should I just stick it out till my 22 is complete? Would I even be able to ask for a medical discharge?

    I can still do my job (shiny ar*e) although I can't be deployed anywhere so postings etc are very limited. Just not sure if it's worth staying another 4 years or leaving now and starting afresh.
  2. surely if you leave now, you won't get your pension till 55? or is it different if you leave on MD?

    i would do the 4 years. besides, if you can still do your job, why would you be medically discharged by the army?
  3. If you get MD you will be on receipt of a War pension and also your forecasted pension from Glasgow.
  4. From personal experience take your MD now!
    You will get an immediate tax free pension with immediate index linking.
    If you are delayed and leave with less than twelve months to serve your pension will not be tax free.
  5. Agree with Bluejacket, if your eligable for MD, take it. However i don't think its as easy as going to the Doc and asking for one!

  6. You have to be recommended for MD then sit a board usually with a brigadier to P8 you.
  7. As already mentioned, it is not up to an individual to be medically discharged. You have to assessed on medical boards before a decision is made. Why not wait for another 2 years then spend the rest of your time away on ressetlement, just a thought. :D
  8. It depends too on what you want to do on the outside really too, there aint a great deal of fantastic jobs about at the minute I left in June and fought not to get M'D so the possibility of getting back in was still there. Also if your happy being a shiny ar*e then why not stay, Civ div isn't all its cracked up to be and if your M'D you wont be able to get back in.
  9. Oh yes you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  10. I'm already P8 and the only reason I'm being allowed to stay in is cos I'm a clerk. Leaving is a big worry, especially as we don't have a house, but the wife has a good job and I'd have my pension to fall back on for a bit.

    Doing loads of resettlement in my last 2 years sounds tempting though, just need a cushy posting where they wont miss me and might even be able to swing some gardening leave!
  11. Really?! How? :?
  12. You have PM