Medical Discharge Question

I was MD'd in Nov 08 for hearing loss and back pain amongst other things. I now have a 60% War Pension which is attributable and tax free. I saw someone from RBL a couple of weeks ago in relation to my lack of priority NHS treatment (don't even get me started!) and she asked if I'd claimed for the hearing loss and back injury. I thought all this was covered by the MD and pension I am now receiving? Has the RBL person given me some duff information about claiming seperately for these problems?
Before kicking off and potentially making things worse for yourself, get a copy of your medical records. Review carefully and only then consider putting in an appeal.

Appeals are double edged swords. It pays to have every i dotted and t crossed.
That's very good advice Mikal. Many veterans forget the fact that their war pension can also go down. Hearing loss is a strange and quite hard claim to get, I believe! I would suggest taking a look at the SPVA site:

best Hitback

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