Medical discharge payout

Hi there folks am all new to this website and looks and sounds pretty good for information and helpful people.
I would like some help please, I have sat my med board last month Feb and was delighted to be told i was being medical discharge for PTSD and have also got osteoarthritis in both my knees, and both had surgery. Also have been diagnosed with cold injuries NFCI.I was told to expect my discharge date within 4 - 6 weeks. am still waiting. Is there anyone out there who could possible give me some info. Have already had a payout for the PTSD and have been told that the claim for my knees is going to be under the War Pension scheme. I am not sure how much i am going to get so could one of you out there give me some information if possible. I have completed nearly 20yrs service but with a 4th month break in service and am 15 now from 05 pension scheme. My contract is 24 years and end 2026. please advise as everything is hinging on my discharge date as we cant plan anything yet.
Many thanks in advance

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