Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Thunderpants, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. I was discharged in 1999 with PTSD and receive a War Pension of 50% after serving 20 years.

    Currently receive Disability Living Allowance at Low rate mobility and middle rate Care and Incapacity benefit.

    I am deeply embarassed by this but unfortunately i genuinely need this help, as the wolves are kept at bay for the moment.

    My mental health is pretty bad at the moment and has been for the last three years and am no longer able to work due to ongoing symptoms on a daily basis.

    I am having counselling with a Psychiatrist who has unlocked a couple of memories in which I fractured my right hand and right ankle whilst on duty.

    I am concerned that the SPVA did not pick up on this when i was discharged and that they were not included in my assesment.

    I had a brief chat with them in which they acknowledge that these further injuries were in my medical records, they then realised that they had screwed up and refused to discuss this issue further.

    Due to my PTSD i become quickly angry and aggresive and quite stressed when dealing with these type of people, who are currently deailing with a deteriation claim which is being appealed.

    I dont want to cause myself any further anguish but feel that in a way i have been robbed by them.

    If there is a chance of getting any payments would it be worth my while finacially to go ahead and how far would i be able to claim from.

    Thank you :oops:
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    As regards your War pension.
    You were only assessed on those you gave on your application.
    To make a claim for the further injuries, you must re-apply for those injuries.
    SPVA should have told you this.
    Unfortunately you can only claim from the date of the claim.
    Ring them in the morning & get a claim in & registered.
  3. Try and get the RBL involved, in my experiance they get things through with less hassel than when you go it alone
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    True tropper but the number one thing must be to get the claim registered & then when the wheels grind to a decision it will be from the day of first registration.
  5. Sorry to hear of your problems mate, I was medically discharged in 1969, classed 20% disabled, but lucky for me through the support of RBL in UK and Veterans Affairs here in australia I have recieved help with my claims , get everything registered mate!! once a claim is approved you can stop existing and live!! chin up
  6. Hi Old Baldy

    I did not fill in any application as this was all done automatically by the SPVA and in any case given my mental health and medication it would have been impossible for me to tell the time of day never mind an application form.

    Suicidal tendencies, bouts of exstreme aggresion together with all the usual flash backs etc, and medication of morphine for pain and a host of others for the PTSD left me unable to think or function.

    To top that the numerous times i attempted to end my life, to put an end to the misery i suffer from and still do.

    Recent attempts include overdosing on morphine etc. Dont get me wrong I am not proud of this but i walk a fine line every day and am constantly supervised by my wife who has had to give up a well paid job to care for me.

    Today is a good day and as far as i am concerned the SPVA should have gone through my medical records corrrectly and listed all of my injuries, they have have a duty of care to list these accurately.

    These injuries are only coming to light due to receiving Psych help and unlocking various events, to now be informed that any claim will only count from the day of filling in a form and not from my discharge is morally and possibly legally wrong.
  7. If you receive a 50% war pension you would be entitled to claim War Pensions Mobility Supplement (WPMS - currently £52.25 per week) which is higher than DLA higher mobility rate (to which you would not then be entitled) and can be used to buy/contract hire a car through the Motability Scheme.

    In time of need I have found my local SSAFA to be of great help. They contacted my Corps Association who gave me a grant.

    ... as oldbaldy says, re-apply to SP&VA, debilitation due to pensioned injuries can be upgraded (but you have to re-submit the claim) - have you spoken to your War Pensions Welfare Officer?
  8. I have a 50% war pension should I go for DLA or the mobility supplement. As I've been told to apply for DLA.
  9. @ themonsstar

    WPMS is a higher rate than DLA Mobitity allowance (WPMS is £52.25 per week as opposed to £46.75 per week for DLA Higher rate Mobility as it stands at the moment.).

    This would enable you to get a higher spec car at NIL down-payment, or a lower spec model and keep the change which would be paid to you along with your War Pension.

    You can still apply to DLA for the care component.

    Hope this helps.

    Per Ardua ra34

    (btw, good to hear from you again.)
  10. Cheers Rockape

    And thankfully for the information I will be ringing the veterans agency today
  11. I phone up the veterans agency, to claim war pensioners mobility supplement,you must have one condition, which is 40% or more,however they will still send me a claim form.

    My 50% is made up of different conditions the biggest part of being PTSD and Irritable bowel syndrome.The other 10% and minor ailments.

    I'm going to make a claim and see how far I get with it. And at the same time, make a claim for DLA on the mental health side and physical side.
  12. It shouldn't be a problem as they have accepted your conditions and assessed you as 50% overall.

    Local SSAFA or RBL should also be able to help.
    RBL Helpline:
    08457 725 725

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