Medical Discharge notification

I wondered if anyone had any dealings with Medical Discharge's and if they could point me in the right direction.

Im soon to be Med Discharge and according to my CMO I should wait for a letter from Glasgow (I presume) informing me of my discharge and my last day of work. Upon receiving this letter I am to cease working and start resettlement etc.

I received a letter the other day but it was a service leavers pack on which he letter stated "according to our records your last day of service will be 18th november". I proceeded to ring JPAC who inform me that date is correct and was entered into the system on the 12th July. Now I understand that who discharge date is worked out by all your leave entitlements etc and my calculation work out that from the 12th july to 18th November is right (alot I know but really its 4months to square away and plan the rest of you life)

Now the big kicker is I'm still in work, my regiments on leave so I cant speak to my CMO whose not back for 2 weeks and I wasn't allowed leave because it would affect my discharge date.

My questions are - should I receive some formal/informal notice of discharge?, is it signed for? Will my CMO be informed of my discharge date and should he inform me? Is there anyway of claiming this lost time back and if so who can I talk to outside of my CoC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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