Medical discharge information. Help needed please!!

Hi! Please bear with me, I am very new to this site. I am totally panicked and I cant seem to get help from anyone in my Btn! I will explain the situation, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

On recent deployment to Afghan I contracted Q Fever. Its a pretty uncommon illness and can be fairly serious. Anyway, I was cas-evaced home straight into infectious diseases ward in UK. I was ill for about 3 months with the fever after effects, but continued to suffer long after with my heart (never ever had any health issues before!). I felt like I was having constant palpitations and dizzy spells. About 7 months after getting back from afghan, I had an echocardiogram which showed up a dodgy heart valve. It is called a Biscuspid Aortic Valve. This was something I was born with, but I've gone my whole life without knowing about. As I said, never had any issues before the Q fever. When the Q fever was in my system, it caused inflammation to my heart valves, and they seem to not gone back to how they were. When I informed my specialist Col. He has advised me that he wants to see me in August instead of the planned appointment in December. He wants to discuss, in person, my long term career. I have done 9 years in infantry and I was all set to give selection a bash early next year.
The advice I would like is my career as I know it over? Will selection be off the cards forever. Will I get some crappy little desk job(which is NOT what I want...!)or are they going to MD me. I cannot seem to find any information anywhere as to what would happen in this situation. Ive got another 7 weeks until I see my specialist and to be honest the Med Officer here where Im based is less than useless. I am so worried because I simply have no idea what is going to happen. I dont know whether Im coming or going. Also, point to note, while I was still on the sick, I got told Im being posted to ITC Catterick in November. Will this still happen?

Thanks for reading and any help would be great!​
From what I can work out, the only person who will decide your future will be the specialist you see in August. I know waiting for something that potentially defines the rest of your life will do your head in. But August is better than the originally planned December.

If your still on a unit strength (which you should be) then MCM Div will still post you according to your normal postings plot until they hear differently from the Med chain.

Good luck

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