medical discharge info please

hi im currently serving with 1pwrr and in 2009 i collapsed due to heat illness and had no review or follow up of it.. it repeated in june this year but doctors were oblivious that it ever happened in 2009 (i told them it happened)
after waiting months for an appointment at the INM its been revealed i have underlying health issues when it comes to regulating heat (severe heat illness as im told).. ive been told i might get a medical discharge providing that the second test also fails (most probably will as no matter what fitness i do or how well i am even when exercising the doctors tells me to stop due to health and safety because im too hot to carry on despite feeling absolute fine) i got back to germany and the MO here said it maybe be an ADMIN discharge which therefore i will be put out the army on my arse.. im feeling particularly down at the moment as all my mates are in afghan and i just feel like whats the point in being all this way in germany and not able to literally do ANYTHING

will i be entitled to anything, ive currently served 4 years and what is heat illness rated at?

could do with abit of direction on what might happen :(

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