Medical Discharge from regs , rejoining TA??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by boston09, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Hello All,

    A very quick question. I got medically discharged from the regulars a few months ago, and my friend who is in my old TA unit suggest i rejoin the TA, as i hold qualifications they need for the their unit.

    However, i was discharged with a condition that is a BAR from entry. Where do i stand on this as am i Joining up or simply transferring?

    what would happen if i got caught out?

    Thanks for the advice
  2. Barred at a guess?
  3. What would happen if i got caught out? You could loose your disability pension.
    Medical Discharge - Well Douglas Barder got away with it. But I suspect that you won't. The TA has exactly the same medical rules as the Regulars, I've done both.

    What was the discharge for?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Better off going to the ACF as an AI
  5. Whether you can join the TA will depend on what paragraph of TA Regs was quoted on your Med Discharge. There may not be a lot of joined uppery between the Regs & TA but if you try to bluff it on joining, you will get found out.
  6. Whatever you do, if you're planning on bluffing, don't post about it on arrse.
    Oh... wait...
  7. I've had two mates weren't allowed in regs, due to medical bits and bobs, but got in the TA, with the same condition as the regs wouldn't allow. One of them was in 4 Para. So can't excatly the same on the medical. I also believe the police do have different medicals for specials and regs, why not TA and regular army?
  8. Because the police don't have the catchy "One service, Full-Time and Special" tag line?
  9. Technically, the rules are the same. However, the TA don't have the medical support the Regs do and the accepting unit does have a bit more input into the system. I managed to transfer with sufficiently duff knees that I wouldn't have been let in as a new entrant (and having been out for a couple of years.) Although it was a struggle with APC. And has been, subsequently, with Chilwell, there being bits of paper that never made it in to my medical docs. Apparently.

    Unfortunately, the OP is trying to switch from one part of the system to another - unless he is going to a trade with lower medical standards than his Reg career, exactly what it says on his discharge papers (and the Medical Board findings behind those) will be critical.

    Lose your disability pension? Nah. Our old Ops Officer, lovely bloke, was in a TA ADC post and also in receipt of a War Pension for a number of service issues, SLR ear among them. Although they are getting tougher on the downgraded, apparently.

    My opinion, for the little it is worth, if you have skills the unit needs, you may well manage it. But be open and don't try to bluff it.
  10. If you were medically discharged from the Regs then you will not be able to join the TA unless the CO of the TA unit requests and is granted (by the Army's directorate of manning) a special dispensation for you.

    It seems clear that you were discharged because you were below the medical fitness standard for retention in the Regs. This makes a dispensation for you highly unlikely unless your skills are truly ninja or your new CO is owed favours by Glasgow.

    Indeed, the medical standard required for ex-Regs wishing to join the TA has recently gone up. Previously, if you were graded MLD (medically limited deployable, ie you could deploy on ops but to stack blankets) on leaving voluntarily, you could join the TA.

    The standard was increased in July 2011. Ex-regs now must have been graded MFD (ie, fully medically fully deployable) in order to join the TA. In other words, the standard required to join the TA is now higher than that required to stay in the Regs.

    Raising the joining standard like this makes sense. After all, one wouldn't want the biffs of the regular Army joining the TA as trainers and enablers, and even as deployable soldiers (albeit in limited roles), would one?

    Not unless one were trying to increase the size of the TA. Phew - that was lucky, eh?

    By all means, try to bluff it out with your new unit but I would recommend you be open about your grading and about all the good stuff which your new CO could put in the begging letter. Otherwise, you will wait 9 months for Glasgow to check your record and inform you to Foxtrot Oscar. Oh, and you'd also be failing on the integrity front. You sure you were discharged on medical grounds?
  11. When was this? As mentioned already the med selection should be the same. Police Specials don't do all the same jobs as Full Time Fuzz, TA soldiers do the same as the regs.
  12. They may not do some jobs, but they do routine patrol. My sister joined as a Special Constable as a taster to joining as a Constable, only to be told that her eyesight was good enough to be a Special, but not a Regular. Go figure, especially as she did Friday night patrols with Regular police, in a less than savoury part of South London.
  13. Yeah, I understand they do routine patrols, but they don't get the more constantly strenuous/dodgy taskings. (Yes routine patrolling can be very dodgy.)
  14. A post containing references to friday night.....your sister and a hidden link (London) to booking hotel rooms ...............