Medical Discharge for Epilepsy

Hello all,

I have just been on a medical board today and have been given a P 8 status for having a fit.

Here is the back ground, it all started with passing out back in late 2009. where i was found to have something in my brain causing me to pass out / have fits. i recovered from this operation and went for a scan a year later for a upgrade, they found on the MRI that they had left part of the cavanona inside, but the specialists were happy to leave it like that.

Yet my SMO at the time said even tho it was only 4mm in size if i was to handle a weapon i had to have it removed, so again i went under the knife in oct 2011. Perfect was all removed had to wait 18 months to be upgraded.

Was told at the end of Jan this year that they were going to start the PAP 10 process on me even tho was 3 months from me being upgraded and then deployable again, causing worry and stress about my future.

Yet at the end of march a had a epilepsy fit 3 weeks before being upgraded, full on bite my tongue memory loss the works.

And now i find myself P 8 under QR 9.387.

Is there anyone out there that knows what i could be entitled to.

Il say thank you in advance.

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