Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dave2927, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Grateful for some advice here, having done 19 years adult service at the rank of SSgt, im currently on long term sick leave and have been told i could possibly be medically discharged. where do i stand with pensions and what other entitlements am i entitled to. Having researched this topic with looking at websites and liasing with MCMDIV, Pensions Dept im still non the wiser on this matter.

    Assistance and help from someone with a sound knowledge on this issue.
  2. i was medically discharged in 94 after 13 years with the rank of Cpl. My condition was actually accepted attributable to service which is very important as you will receive a war pension once you make a claim. On discharge I received my service pension immediately, circa £420 a month and a war pension immediately once the papers were filled in of circa £160 a month (these are current payments) I also rxd a lump sum for years served (not disclosed - sorry) and then a few months down the line I received another lump sum of circa £1200 for which I have no idea but that again came from the war pension department (I think) My advice to you is get in touch with the Royal British Legion (give them a donation) and explain your situation and they will do the rest, By the way all my pensions I receive are tax free.

    This as I said was in 94 and to me they are still active with tax free etc BUT the rules MAY have changed so be aware - RBL and for more advice try the VETERANS AGENCY - 0800 1692277 - EMAIL - or website this is the new name for the war pensions

    Good luck
  3. As the poster said his Injury was attributable to service life, that is why his pension is tax free, and it is the Veterans Agency that makes that decision, no the Unit MO.

    You will get an immediate pension based on your rank on the date of discharge ie SSgt 19 years and 40 days or whatever the case is.
  4. Have you attended a Medical board and been downgraded to P8?
  5. Dave 2927,

    I was Medically discharged last year after just short of 17 yrs. I can only speak for what happenned to me. Whilst on long term sick leave I was informed that I had to attend a medical board, the result of which led to my me being medically discharged. Following my discharge I was in receipt of a Service Invalding Pension (Based on rank and time served) whilst all my medical notes went away to be independantly checked (by the VA?) About 4 monthas after my discharge I received a letter from the VA saying that the army was attributable to my injuries, which in turn made my SIP a Service Attributable Pension and tax free, backdated to my discharge date. The percentage of disability awarded to me by the VA was ridiculous, as I didnt think it at all reflected on the impact my diagnosis has on my daily life. I appealed and a couple of months ago won my appeal against the VA, having my disability level raised to a level that I think reflects.
    One thing I will say is at your medical board obtain access to all the notes they have made on you. Keep and photocopy everything you haver relevant to your case.
    If you do end up getting medically discharged then you should be sent a pension forecast right away. Contact your MAOCH for this. As a last resort I have pension forecast figures but they are for 2004. If you want to PM me I will forward them on by post.

    Hope this helps

  6. FM

    What disability did you have and do you have after appeal out of interest?.
  7. Ronnie,

    I have sent you a PM.

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  11. Further to earlier answers;

    1) The Legion will help regardless of whether or not you're a member or make a donation.

    2) They'll represent you at tribuneral & are very good at overturning 'mickey-mouse' offers from MOD.

    3) VA are helpfull but the best person by far is the person on the receiving end (ie YOU!)

    4) There's nothing to stop you Sueing the MOD in tandem with an application for WP.

    I wish anyone in your shoes all the best:)
  12. Dave

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  13. I've done nearly eighteen years and am downgraded on two counts. One through injury and one through illness. Today the doc has told me that the illness could result in a MD. She has referred me to some sort of med board. I have heard some nasty stories about these and would like to do some research before I go. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get as much info as possible. Pension information, gratuity and anything else would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. Lads,

    I currently work in the MAOCH fraternity however my background is SPS and I can quite easily give anyone an initial Pension Forecast based on a recommendation for Med Discharge(I dont know why units are so afraid of this subject!!). I need a few basic details from you first of all so if you contact me direct I can get on the case for you. Before promising the earth I have to let you know that I will be on leave until 25 Aug but I assure you I will answer all queries as soon as possible.

    Sorry to hear about all your troubles and best regards to all.
  15. There are some changes coming up in the way in which those who are sick at home or on long term sick leave are managed. These changes should make it considerably easier and quicker for individuals to get answers to the sort of questions raised above.