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Medical Discharge due to cancer

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by steve1234, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Just a brief background have been in the army 14/15 years 3 years ago i found out i had cancer after returning from a tour of Afghan, i then had a year out having chemo, bone marrow transplant etc, as soon as i was in remission i returned to work, however my first posting back was a training/teaching post so i was out of the main stream of my corp , now i am back in a normal regiment i have learnt about this PAP 10 situation and have another medical this month, my unit have said that soldiers in this unit are md'd if none deployable , and i know i will not be made redeployable yet due to the time scale i have been in remission, i have no problems from the cancer other than scar tissue on my lungs which really only stops me running as fast as i used to but there is nothing preventing me doing anything i did before , but it looks like that will not make a difference when it comes to me getting discharged, i have asked around and been told i would get a small medical pension and lump sum, does anyone know if this is true etc , i dont want to leave but if i have to it would be a good heads up to know what i am and not entitled to , also do i get the same resettlement packages, thanks any help would be appreciated.
  2. Ask to see a copy of the regulations, and ask for someone to sit down with you and explain those regs to you.

    Did you know that the RBL have some connection with CAB. You could phone up the CAB helpline and ask to speak to a RBL advisor.
  3. Sorry to hear that, I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2001 and had a year out also, had to spend the first 2 years when I came back as P7 HONNI then was upgraded to P3LE for the next 3 years prior to me being upgraded to P2FE.

    The condition for you not to be upgraded is that you need to spend 5 years in remission prior to you being upgraded I presume? For them to SNLR you when the only thing that is holding you back is their ruling is absurd.

    I hope that you get this sorted.
  4. PM me with a rough location and I'll find you some phone numbers for people who can help you. Hope everything goes OK.

    Slug Hugs x
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  5. Steve1234,

    If you have been successfully treated, then based on your function you could be considered for MFD grading. You would have to meet the minimum standards and pass a PFT and AFT though. Have a look at JSP 346 (now part of JSP 950). Hope all goes well.
  6. Good luck. Follow the good advice offered above and don't allow yourself to get fobbed off.

    Im going through a similar situation, although im still on sick leave due to chemotherapy and mine was bowel rather than lung. I'm trying to get a heads up on medical discharges. My onc says I'll be monitored for 5 - 10 years to make sure it doesn't come back! I saw your post and wondered how you got on. Did you get MD or simply SNR? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Just to add I intend to soldier on! Don't want people thinking I'm one of them Biffs!!!
  7. I know at least 3 people who have had cancer, beaten it and are still serving. Provided you can get back up to P3 you should be fine.