Medical discharge confusion.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by stewart36, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi i am after some general advice regarding a medical discharge. I sat my medical board in May and have been told i am now P8 and will be discharged under Qr 9.387This is due to hearing loss i have H3 left ear and d H4 right ear. I was given a couple of days to get my stuff together & sent home on sick leave until my discharge date. My home is in Scotland and my unit is in England so i feel i have been just left to get on with things without any help from my unit. Main points is i am now waiting on my official letter with my discharge date. Does anyone know how long after a med board do you usually receive your discharge letter/date. I asked at my med board but noone could tell me. Thanks. :)
  2. Average wait for a letter informing you of your discharge date (from OH Med Discharge Cell) seems to be about 6 months.

    PM sent
  3. Thanks very much for your advice & pm. I also would like some advice re pension side of things. Again have been given no info whatsoever on this. Am i right in thinking I may be entitled to a medical pension? I have served 11yrs am a Lsgt and am on the Afps75scheme. Thanks so much in advance for any advice given. :)
  4. An awful lot of info can be found on the Veterans' web-site (appropriate link below) but you really need to be contacting the SPVA helpline on 0800 169 2277. They also have a welfare service and may be able to guide you through the process as it seems (yet again) a unit has abandoned a soldier.

    Medical Discharges
  5. Thanks so much again. Yes defo feel left to get on with it!! Thanks so much for your advice. :)
  6. I have also been medically discharged for bi lateral hearing loss H4 (noise induced, not blast)...... I have a post already up and running what will give you some info-med discharge joke......

    In brief, my med board was in Oct 11 and my discharge Jul 12...10 months.... My H4 hearing loss does not meet the threshold as i am 1dB short of the criteria of 50dB hearing loss..... With a solicitor on board i have now found that the readings used to calculate my hearing loss was when i was H2 and not from when i was i H1, which was 18 years of my Army career.

    The AFCS will try every avenue available to stall and pay you nothing. However, this is only my opinion through the dealings I have had with them....

    Remember there are thousands of people in the same situation and to be honest the majority have worse injuries.....

    It will take time, hang in there, and good luck.....
  7. Remember, do not put a claim into the AFCS until you have around 1 month left to serve, your situation may change......I learnt that costly lesson.....
  8. I have also just been told that im getting a Medical Discharge for hearing and something else that is not the Army's fault however i have been told that although it is not their fault they will take it into consideration. I put a claim in for my hearing and was given a payout tyhrough the AFCS. Now that i am being medically discharged will they take this into consideration or is the one of payment i received final. No one seems to be able to give me answer....
  9. Hi,

    Does anyone know/or have a copy of: the criteria that med boards follow in order to determine whether your p7,p7 ltd deploy ability,pap 10 or p8 med discharge?

    i.e: What are you expected to carry out? What would be a clincher between staying in and being md?


  10. And if its already posted on the forum somewhere then sorry but i cant find it!
  11. @be

    theres no static rule for all, there are some baselines which are in pap10, but its also based on the best interest of the service as well, if your arm/service puts out an addendum that they only want P3LE in your trade group then everything below is put up for transfer (and when that's rejected) and everything else is tossed out the door, so unless your in the enviable position of being a SSgt (or above) within a corp theres every chance that anything below P3LE will be shown the door, theres caveats in it as well, minimum should be able ot fulfil the duties of x rank on exercise/tour, able to fulfil full home duties commitment etc etc

    as I say its largely dependant on which branch and trade your in and the minimum employability state listed against your rank(grade), some trades only allow those who are FE to be retained others are satisfied with HONNI grades.

    P8 is for those who are unfit military service or unfit further service, the latter is normally after the 3rd board once transfer options have been returned as not required prior to the final med board, it can also be down to time of convalescence, IIRC PAP10 allows for 9 months before return to work from the first day of absence, with forecast decision normally to be taken at the 6 month point (unless prior approval for delay is attained)

    end of the day if you cant find the info in PAP10 check pulheems (forget which AGAI/JSP it is) but it used to be freely available in the online library hope this helps
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  12. Thanks Buddy, much appreciated.