Medical Discharge & confused!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fozza, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone

    I have been earmarked for medical discharge & have got the f*****g arrse about it! In may 2010 i partially tore my acl in my left knee, september 10 i had surgery 7 was fixed, done

    April 2011 - Accident during a run, completely ruptured the same ligament. This October i have been booked for ACL reconstruction to fix me once and for all. However, even though the success rate is 95% i have still had to fill out an Appendix 18 adn have been told i will be getting Md'd. Was i wrong to think that if surgery would fix me and return me to service i would stay? I must note i'm a Snut and awaiting my first posting.

  2. good question well presented, have you tried posting this in the RHQ & Medical forums Fozza????
  3. Fozza

    Are you at the Magical place that is Chatham or stuck in purgatory. I can answer all your PAP 10 Q's
  4. Can i PM you a question SD?
  5. HS Sure you can
  6. ahh i'm at 'the magical place' I been told that if i was at my unit i would be 'saved'
    Is there anything i can do to delay my discharge. I've tried every excuse i can think of and none seems to make any difference. Would i be able to re-enlist if i recover well?

    thanks for any answers you can give me
  7. just grizz it until you get through training then 'hurt' yourself out on a run or tab when you are at your unit. I have seen people have an easy life for the last few years using this method. Fine men