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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Dannyboy759, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi
    I know this is probably all been posted on here before and there are probably loads of threads regarding the situation I find myself in! However after being told 10 different things by 10 different people I would like to find a direct answer to my query. I’ve served 20 years 6 month and I’ve just been medically discharged but I’m unsure of what I am entitled to and when. I’ve asked JPAC, my RAO and various other agencies but I seem to get different options and answers. Is there someone that could please set the record straight and advise me as to what I’m entitled to and when I’m likely to get it? I’m under the 75 pension scheme and my injuries are pre 2005 if that helps?
    Many Thanks
  2. I have sent you a PM.
  3. Still confused lol
  4. See further PM. I have explained the invaliding pension (occupational pension) and the way that WPS/AFCS awards impact on the pension. I know that it is not what you wanted to hear but they are the facts. Sorry to give you news that you found disappointing.
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  5. I am in the process of being medically discharged at the minute, my advice to you is to get in touch with a PRC they have a SPVA rep and RBL rep on site and are extremely good at letting you know your entitlements and what you can claim.
  6. Yeah done all that but what i cant get my head around is that all im going to get for getting MD'd 18 months before my 22 year point is near enough exactly the same as i would get at my 22 year point!
    Minus a year an a half earnings! which equates to over £40,000!!!
    Also i get believe that when you want to sign off you have to serve a years notice before you get out and yet they can just drop kick you within 4-5 months! Typical army!
  7. Don't forget you can't commute any pension.
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  8. 4-5 months? Don't forget they take any leave and Resettlement time you've got outstanding into consideration. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Dig your heels in and try to make it last that 18 months. As someone said, get in touch with your PRC - the one in Catterick is fantastic.

    I know it sounds jack, but hey ho, they've had a laugh at your expense for the last 20 years and 6 months - your turn now.

    My 22 (24 including VEng) were up long before I got MDd, but it still took them nearly over a year to sort it all out. You'll eventually get a letter telling you your discharge date, but don't hold your breath.
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  9. Thats 4-5 months including my leave!
    Ive had the forst warning as such and they said i will get the second letter wihin 20 days and then i have to staop work and from what others have had happen to them in my unit its been less that 20 days! more like a week!
    Whats my PRC?
    The thing i cant get my head around is what I'm entitled to under medical discharge? There is a lot of confusing in the services and no one seems to know what they are going to get an when.
    I'm a Cpl on the AFPS 75 scheme and I'm 18 months away from my 22 year point.
    Ive contacted the Forces pension society and they have told me that i will get an invaliding pension which is a higher rate than i would get at 22 years, however the part i cant get my head around is that the monthly pension and lump sum is neigh on what i would get at my 22 year point!
    I understand that I've not done 22 years as yet but Ive done over the 18 years that qualifies me for my immediate pension so that should be a given and as its not my choice to leave, say under NTT i should be entitled to that pension as a given plus what ever else i should get for being medically discharged.
    And that's not even taking in to account the £45000 odd that i would earn if i was allowed to sever my remaining time.
    Its just seams a raw deal that im A) getting kick out within 4-5 months rather than than the year that the MOD insist on if you NTT, B) Ill be loosing out on £45,000 worth of wages for being made to leave early, though no fault of my own, C) being downgraded for 10 years has cost me my career and that ill never get back, D) the only payout compensation that I'm going to get is basically what i would get at 22 years!!!

  10. Yeah understand that
  11. As you are P8 you should have a WIS officer make sure he loads you onto CRE 1 and 2 course as soon as possible it opens up a whole host of oppurtunity and links to helpful resources relating to pensions, charities, compensation housing and career opportunities I would say its a must if your getting Med discharge.
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  12. Good advice, but trust me - after reading the same questions 48 trillion billion times, you will start to lose your patience.
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  13. Perhaps if the army actually explained things correctly and some actually knew what the F was going on the perhaps guys would keep asking the same questions!!!!
  14. Dont think there is a employer on the face of the earth thats gonna hold there hands up and say 'aye I made you invalided and please make sure we pay you for the next x amount of year's. '
    Aint gonna happen thats why you need to do your homework and get the proper help once you've done all you can and cant proceed no more without help.

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