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Medical discharge appeal

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So basically I want to find put how to go ahead with a medical discharge appeal.

I got discharged from Pirbright in week 7 last November due to mental health issues and was told once cleared up and doctor at home was okay with it I can appeal.

6 months later I got the all clear from the doc and now trying to find out how to go round with the appeal process.

Could anyone give a hand with some advise and the best routes to take as really wanting to get stuck back into things



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so basically you want to look in the medical thread
Get a letter from your GP stating that you are indeed sane and are not going to relapse under the pressures of service, then send it to the army medical board along with a letter from yourself and see what they say. You might get told to try again years down the line or you might be permanently barred from service on medical grounds.
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