Medical Discharge and working off shore

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by PEMS, May 20, 2013.

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  1. I have a chance of MD due to PTSD but I am not getting any answers as to when I will be going up in front of the medical board.

    Anyway I am hoping to get into the offshore oil rig industry when I am out - will a MD affect this? I have looked around and cant find much info on this?

    Also does anybody know of any companies to contact who could have potential work. I have sent my CV and a covering letter to many agencies and oil companies and I have not heard a bean back from any of them!

    I am aware of the courses I need to do but as with anything at the moment I am worried about coming out and there not being any work available - i have had a good read through the threads on here - and from what I can see there are not as many jobs as there were. I have been told by a few people that there should be plenty of work.

    Just want to get myself on the right path and make a few enquiries.

    Many thanks
  2. I'd imagine that if you are currently too ill to work through PTSD that you need to get that sorted out before you go offshore.
  3. I am getting help at the moment but I am also thinking about my long term future and my options
  4. For medical requirements you need to research OG UK. As to work the industry is pretty much who you know as much as what you know unless you can offer some specialist qualification.
  5. Getting offshore medically isn't really your problem, the medicals are fairly simple things

    Geting offshore and employed is a more pressing issue, what quals you got and what do you think you want to do offshore

    Put it in the search engine, plenty of info on here
  6. Cheers for that. I am a mechanical engineer in the Marines. I will have another look through the search engine. Just wanted a bit more info on the medical discharge side of things. I am due to be put forward in the next few months but if its going to cause lots of problems i will come out the normal way and continue with the therapy in civvy street until I am ready to go offshore
  7. You might want to contact a Doctor registered with OGUK, which may be found HERE rather than take the word of someone on the Internet. Best of luck with your future career - there are plenty of opportunities for engineers, but remember, the agencies will put you on their files, but the onus is on you to ring them regularly and remind them that you're out there. Rigzone has an online CV depository, and a useful site to monitor. There is also a thread on ARRSE which gives a lot of useful advice.

    Long-running Arrse thread is HERE.
  8. Are you a vehicle mechanic? Not to sound pedantic but a mechanical engineer is completely different to a VM. You should not just limit your options to offshore. Is there a specific reason? Have a look at this.

    Career opportunities for energetic veterans

    They are always on the look out for ex veterans who can spanner to support the infrastructure that currently exists and also up and coming wind farms. In Companies like this, a Mechanical engineer is deemed to carry out high level work such as design and project management. At least with onshore Companies (most) they don't bother with medicals but may ask why you left the services. I would be honest. At the end of the day, PTSD is something you are getting through and hopefully they would understand that.

  9. You really need to take advice form a O&G Doctor before shelling out on courses etc. Most decent companies will want to know why you left and will ask for documentation. Sorry to be blunt but you will struggle to find a good employer if you are not clear your meds and free from the original condition. Obviously if you are going MD then there are current underlying factors which will make it difficult to get a start. That's not to say you will not find a Doc to pass you your medical because I'm pretty sure if you look hard enough and pay the rate you will.