Medical Discharge and No pay!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Krazy_Ivan, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Help from any pay types required please

    As of today I have left the colours.

    Unfortunately for reasons known only to themselves Glasgow did not pay me at the end of January. As I have left today, I can no longer get onto camp and being a clever switched on ex-soldier I do not have the telephone number for my AGC cell.

    And to add insult to injury I'm a Medical discharge.

    Now on my Certificate of Discharge I am down as being released from the colours today (2/2/2006) now surely I am entitled to be payed up to and including today?

    And as my Direct Debits have crashed out will my pay office give me a certificate of culpability so that it will not adverse?y affect my credit.

    Any help from any AGC types greatly appreciated.
  2. Sadly the stock answer from APC is that your terminal payment and any gratuities due are only worked out the day after you discharge e.g. tomorrow and they then average 10 working days to have the payment into your bank.

    In the good (?) old days before JPAC, Pay Division would work out your final payment on receipt of your AF O1809 and if your pay blurk/bird was switched on it would be faxed to them on your first day of terminal leave and your final payment in the bank by your discharge date.

    You need to call the JPAC Enquiry Service on 0141 224 3600, make sure they know you are now mister snooks and not rifleman snooks and they will let you know when you are due your cash.

    Good luck :?
  3. Surely my pay office should have informed me of this when I handed in my MOD90?
    Will they give me a Certificate of Culpability to give my creditors?
    Will they pay me direct debit cancellation fees?

    I appreciate I'm being a bit of a pain.

    But on that the subject of pay should I not have been payed January's money on time as I was not in fact discharged until February 2nd.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Pm me your details and I will check for you.
  5. The unit should have informed you of the delay and Glasgow cannot pay you until they receive the 1809 form to process your discharge.
    Check with the JPAC EC (0141 224 3600) and if they say you are still an FO2 record (therefore not discharged) ask them to transfer you to Medical Discharge Cell in Kentigern House.
    They are responsible for processing your discharge paperwork

    It is normally 10 days for payment but it all depends how long Medical discharges take to do your paperwork as they aren't governed by service delivery like the JPAC is.

    If you do get bank charges just send in the letter to Glasgow and they will usually refund them.

    If you get no joy, pm me I know a few of the good guys in Glasgow (although they are few and far between).
  6. thanks for your help fellas will let you know what the score is.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As many of you know I have been out of green for quite a long time. However there are a few points from this tale of woe that strike me as odd.

    Rfn Snooks aka Krazy Ivan has been discharged medically wef 2/2/06 (His statement). Now it appears to me that said Rfn Snooks must therefore have been on the payroll during the month of January 2006 and due pay for said month.

    The pay 'system' seems to be able to stop his money immediately as "someone" whispered in their ear that he is getting the boot.

    My question therefore is -

    If they can stop payment at the drop of a hat (or career) why can't they pay in the same manner.

    Rfn Snooks has worked during Jan 06 - pay him. If he is short a few items on his discharge - so fecking what. The RQMS would have probably binned them anyway.

    I don't know the circumstances of the med discharge and to be honest it is really not important. Snooks has done his bit, MoD do yours.
  8. Well said, Auld-Yin.

    It's a wonder the pay office didn't give the usual stock answer: "If you don't like it write to Soldier Magazine".
  9. Hello mate,

    I was med-discharged on the 15/01/06 and was paid up to that date which was paid into my account the day after discharge and then my SIP gratuity went into the bank about 1 week later.

    Im also having problems but its with disturbance allowance. I put my claim in about 2 weeks before i was disharged but i was no longer on UNICOM so it had to be sent manually. I have been calling JPAC all week to see if they have received it yet and now 4/5 weeks later still nothing. I wont be letting this go as i put it in a good few weeks before i was discharged and im entitled to it but i get the feeling its my unit that have messed things up as usual.
  10. F* outrageous.

    Why should troops have to jump through these hoops? :x

  11. Because we're not MPs?
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  15. I'm surprised that this thread has been resurrected after so very long......

    But as an update; I did end up getting paid. I did receive a half decent war pension & a good sized lump sum.

    I'm now earning more money than I could only have ever dreamed about whilst I was still in; unless of course I made Brigadier (not a fcuking chance!).

    Guys, if you are going through something similar to what I did; there is light at the end of the tunnel.