Medical Discharge and EDP

Here's question if anyone knows the answer to would be much appreciated .Im looking at getting medical discharged in next six months as I'm on afps 75 I receive pension, happy with rates ect,my question is if your pension is not considerd attributable and it's just invaliding Pension can i put the tax I pay on pension on to my job salary (job I do after the army what ever it is) ,so my pension is tax free but my 11800 year you get before you get taxed on salary becomes 6800 year as my pension is about 5k year .I know that there isn't any diffrance but if I'm not in work straight away I know I won't be paying tax on pension.Failing that Il ask tax office just wondering if anyone has gone around it like that before on invaliding pension.
18yrs service getting med discharged in November, why the feck can't the military just send each person a forecast of each tier as only 3 and that way you can plan to the minmum what your going to get, being made to wait 6 weeks before they stop paying me is an absolute disgrace and stressing me right out.

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