Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dave2927, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Hopelfully one of you switched onn AGC personnel can help me out here.

    Im on a Med Board next week and if medially discharged, am i entitled to resettlement. as a SSgt with 2 yrs Junior service and 19 years Adult service, ive been told i am, but if any of you AGC personnel out there can expand on the info ive been given already (which isnt very much) i would be very grateful.

    Many thanks
  2. I was medically discharged after 5 years servive as was entitled to full resettlement. If you are medically discharged everyone is entitled to it.
  3. Yes you are entitled to Resettlement. Check out JSP 534, the Tri Service Resettlement Manual. You can acces this via the Army Portal, not sure if you can access it via Armynet.

    Just be aware that under JPA you can now only claim for Actuals - so the days of using the NRSA etc for course fees have gone.

  4. Is there a way round it for the benefit of both parties?
  5. Doubt it as you have to produce receipts! But "bang the drum" ref the Resettlement Grant - has it gone up since the introduction of JPA and "Actuals?"
  6. Hi,

    Just had the good news too, I am to sit a med board (which I don't know alot about shortly!). The good news is that you are entitled to full resettlement, check out serving soldier or armynet for the right links and rules. Additionally, after a med board deems you unfit for further service, you have poriority resettlement from your IERO. Good luck my friend.
    Anyone know about med boards?
  7. Dave,

    I was medically discharged last year in May. I did my resettlement this year. Unless the rules have changed since, I am sure that if you are MD'd then you are entitled to Full resettlement and can take it up to two years after your discharge. Best of luck with the med board.


  8. I agree, the rules are the same, but you MUST have the IERO and Med People on side to help draft/make the case. Regards.