Medical Discharge - All you need to know.......In a nutshell

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by battlebox, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Wow, well suck the dog's packet......after 21years and 9 months service I have to face the very possiblity of a Medical Discharge, was given the good news last week, med board date looming. Having trawled the web, vetrans agency, serving soldier etc, etc, etc and had some chats with the AGC (serving and retired) I have come to the conclusion that I am entering the lions den in a loosely un-organised exit from service. I have got with the resettlment bot, that seems straight forward, but what about the rest, where does the penison thingy come in? are you allowed to commute your pension as normal exiting this way? any TOP AGC GURU out there, please feel free to chip in. Any other souls pitfalls would be appreciated.
  2. If you are being MDd you should get your pension as if you had completed 22 years. This will depend on what grade the MD Board discharges you at. if its anything below P8 start to make some noise and PM me ASAP

    Good luck
  3. oldbaldy

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    I think it highly unlikely you would MD with three months to go. Cheaper to keep you, let you go at 22 with a pension & then let you claim a War Disablement Pension.
    There again? I might be talking out of my arrse!
  4. You might still get to claim a War Pension. I'd have a chat now with the Veterans Agency in Blackpool.

    They always turn down or try to downgrade the first application btw so appeal immediately watch the magic happen.
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Yes they can turn you down BUT if you have a MD it is VERY hard to argue against.
  6. It's the level of grading that could be an issue. less than 20% and you get bugger all so you need to appeal straight away to ensure your claim is backdated to day 1.
  7. Anybody can claim a war disablement pension for any condition picked up during military service at any time, even if you left 40 years ago, up to six years its up to the war pensions agency to prove its not due to military service after that you have to prove it was. it has nothing to do with your service pension, its not taxed and it does not effect any other benefits/payments you may recieve, under 20 percent you get a lump some, over you get a monthly pension payed for life. once a claim is accepted it is classed as attributable to military service if it gets worse you can make another claim. Anyone who has ever had shin splints, twisted ankles, aching joints from CFTs , boot runs, carrying half a tonne on your back for a week ect ect , should at there leaving medical mention how there knees and ankles hurt sometimes and how the weather makes them ache a bit (like it does for arthritis) and then when they get out make a claim and let the war pensions agency prove that your knees dont creek and hurt when your walking upstairs or pushing a supermarket trolley, you will be sent for a medical, your claim will be accepted, you will wait 10 months but you will get a lump some payout, maybe around 6 - 8k. I used to work there.
  8. one other thing, after youve sent off your claim form, wait a couple of months then tell them youve written to your MP about the length of time its taking to process your claim, your files then give priority and fastracked through the system
  9. Just an update, forgot to mention I am due to start the agreed continuance, it's the Med People that have initiated the MD route out, so in effect I have 3 months of a normal career but 2 and a bit years left....any thoughts? grateful to all..........
  10. So battlebox... what happened in the end?