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I had an accident in 2004 Dec which in 2006 i had to have an operation on my back which has left me with limited mobility and also i now suffer with cronic pain. Since then I have been in and out of hospital/physio and now it has been confirmed that i am leaving the army in the next few months.

I have to admit im growing more and more worried as the days pass as everyone i have asked refrence what benefits i will recieve or what amount of money i will get from the discharge.

Everyone i question on this refrence what pension i will most likely be awarded etc draws to a blank and says "Im sorry i cant assist you there"

So if im to make a fresh start i have no idea what i will recieve untill its time and then i may no longer be recieving my monthly pay, so how can i know if i will have enough to pay rent and bills etc...

Can anyone help me please?
With regards to your war pension, if on the old scheme you will not be offered an award until your assessed after your discharge, this could take about 3 months
So my last wage and then it would be possible that i would reveive nothing for a possible 3 months? All this pending how fast i get examined and its processed?
You should ask in the pay office for a projected pension print out, depends on how long you did as to what you get. I was in for almost 24 years and had an immediate pension within a few days to tide me over, the war pension is the pain in the arrse to get
Thanks for all the replies i have been enlightened to what will be the minimal outcome and thus the future is looking brighter.

In regards to claiming through courts after my discharge for the injury, im at a loss on how to proceed with this as im not sure on what i would be suing for.

Any help would be very helpful
RBL should be able to offer some advice there.

The contact numbers you need are all in the paperwork you should have been given on your medical board. In line with the advice I was given by a couple of Arrse members. Make sure you get a copy of your FMED4 and all the documents from the med board especially the FMED23 Board Report.
Probably stating the obvious, but hopefully you have solicitors looking after your interests regarding getting compensation for the original injury? There are time limits for personal injury claims, that's the only reason I mention it.

Good luck

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