Medical discharge , a bit worried

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Back in July this year I wrenched /tore / sprained , call it whatever my left ankle achillees tendon whils't on exercise . I've been of work ( HGV driver ) for seven weeks , and now back to work .
    But I still can't walk more than five miles , run more than half a mile , and I put a 15 Kg bergan on the other day and made about 500 yards before it packed up on me .
    I'm still doing all the upper body stuff , like press ups and sit ups but that won't help me when it comes to PFA or CFT .
    As the damage happened on a legitimate exercise , can the TA sack me ?
    I get the impression that my PSAO thinks I'm puling a fast one despite three TA doctors exams to the contrary .
    If it helps any advice , I'm a 43years old NCO with 10 years service .
    Any advice / encouragement would be appreciated .
  2. They wont bin you mate....tore my Achilles tendon last year was off for Months....and stright off the sick to Chillwell,they have a duty of care for you if you were hurt during training.

    Some PASO's are like that..we are lucky our's is a star.

    As long as the Quack's are on your side your sorted...can you not remuster to the CQMS's dept till your better?
    Just untill you heal?
    One of my storeman is 50 0dd with a knackered back....still works like buggery though..

  3. I'm mildly interested in a number of issues arising from this:

    1. If you are 'employed' rather than a contract worker, what has been your employers reaction? Have you been offered MTDs at the TAC during your recovery - admin/paper work etc.

    2. What, if any, assistance have you received from the Army vis-a-vis monitoring the injury and/or offering any help? - medical or otherwise.

    3. Compensation is often a cry for those in your circumstances - has this been mentioned and wa s full accident reporting/analysis gone through at the time?

    4. Achilles tendons are fragile beasts - I tore mine years ago and it took years to properly recover. How did you do it - was it an accident or just 'one of those things'? - was anyone/anything responsible?

    5. Who's forcing you to start carrying packs after such a short recovery? - mad.
  4. Thanks for the interest gents .
    1 / I'm an agency HGV driver , so no sick pay or the like . I turned up at the TAC to do something constructive while on light duties , but was sent home . Apparently , if I'm on the sick , I'm not allowed on site .
    2/Ive been checked by the unit doctor every two weeks . but not received any other monitoring or help , except being told to take it easy . We do have a part qualified physio on the strength . His opinion is a minimum of six weeks recovery time for a healthy twentysomething . At forty three he estimates a lot longer . The impression I get from my PSAO is that this is a paperwork nuisance , and the sooner I get back to normal , the better .
    3 / All the paperwork for pay ( less incapacity benefit ) has been processed and I wait for Glasgow to process . Here's hoping they get a move on ; Nat West bank have got a hit man out looking for me ! I filled out some initial paperwork, stating roughly what happened and when . Other than that , not much seems to have happened regarding analysis .
    4/ I damaged it a bit in feb 2006 , whilst skiing . It hurt , but I just clamped up the boot a bit tighter and got on with it . This time I was coming down a steep shale slope with a loaded sand bag on each shoulder , the ground slipped out from under my left ankle and the damage was done
    5/ To be fair , no one forced me to carry the weight , that was my ( probably stupid ) idea . I'ts a pride thing . Until this happened I like to embarrass / encourage junior ranks by being twice their age , and twice as fit .

    As for tartan ninja , thanks for the heads up . Got myself transferred to MT section . Unfortunately our PSAO runs the unit as his own private feifdom , and incidentally is generally referred to as " the fat controller " !