Medical Discharge (204)

Last week I was medically discharged from my ATR as they want a further examination on a scar which was an abcess next to my coccyx in Nov 2002, I also apparently have a slight narrowing of my ear canals.

I have been told to gather as much evidence as possible to convince ATRA and the ATR doctors in January, that these will not cause me any problems in my career.

I know they won't as I sailed through RSC and have been training at a gym etc for a couple of years now. Isn't it the Army's job to prove to ME that I WON'T be able to serve because of these problems? And why wasn't this picked up on at RSC?

Lastly, is this the Army being over-cautious? I will be contacting every person possible to write letters up to bring back to ATR to allow me to continue training.

All help and advice appreciated. Thanks.
GG, Have you actually been discharged?
Or have they told you that you will sit in front of a medical board in Jan to review your case?
if you can get this moved to the RAMC forum then one of the many doctors or other medics that use this site may read it and be able to help you.
Good luck
Firstly no, I don't think it is the Army's job to prove to you that you can't serve because of your medical problems. The Army becomes responsible for your medical well being as soon as you are fully enlisted. Basically they are then culpable for any problems you experience.
In our society, which is rapidly following the yanks down the lawsuit road, this could become expensive - especially if we get it wrong.

For this reason you have three medicals on enlistment - pre-service, initial and service. The Army then has three chances to pick up any problems before accepting responsibility for you - fair enough really.

I would guess you have been discharged on one of these under the term 'defect on enlistment'? But it sounds like you don't have enough info on the reasons to make a plan.

What about the scar/ear canals caused concern? Like was you hearing affected or likely to be? And was this due to the trade you choose? Gnrs are exposed to rather alot of noise - would they accept you in a different post that didn't have this increased risk? How large is this scar and what (if any) functional difficulties do you/could you experience?

You need the answers to these questions before you can fight your case.
Good luck.
Thankyou for your help!

The scar in question is the result of a Pilonidal Sinus, basically an ingrowing hair at the top of my left butt cheek, this occurred in Nov 2002. I have since recieved a letter from the consultant who examined it with a "silver nitrite stick" and has confirmed it is fully healed. My doctor also provided me with a letter, both simply saying that whilst it would be impossible to rule out a re-occurrence of the abcess, it is fully healed and was treated using a method that has a low rate of re-occurrence.

Regarding my ear canals, my doctor confirmed they are slightly narrowed, and slightly dry, but if I apply 2 or 3 drops of olive oil every week or so, there should be absolutely no cause for concern. I am hoping that these 2 letters will provide enough info to the doctors at ATR to allow me to resume training.

As for the stage in my training, I have been told my file will go to a Lt.Col. at ATRA (I forget the name but they are female) who will look into it. I am concerned about this however as there are a few discrepencies in the descriptions the ATR doctor provided, such as "regular syringing of ears, sometimes under general anaesthetic" - untrue.

Having now read the forms that were sent to my doctor, the actual reason I recieved a medical discharge was due to a raised BMI, with the ear canals and healed abcess. The raised BMI (1.1% over max) is no problem, I have already lost sufficient weight to be within the BMI limits, however the other 2 problems do remain a worry.
If you have not already done it, formally request a copy of your military medical records. This will enable you to see everything that has been written about you, and if, as it seems, some of it is inconsistent you will have specific points to provide answers to.
I am familiar with the doctor in question - she is an occupational health specialist and if she is yet to make a decision then you haven't been medically discharged yet. I recently encountered a case of a soldier who was submitted for medical discharge and sent home pending the Medical Board. The Board approved his discharge, but he submitted an appeal, accompanied by letters from specialists in his condition, and the discharge was overturned. He is now back in training.

So there is hope yet.

you shouldnt get sacked for a pilonidal sinus, they are amazingly common in the forces, its probably your ears that they are worried about.
i said they were common, not that id want one :lol:
I have just finished 4 years in a phase 2 school ( yes satchels and short trousers!), so know the 204 process well!!! If in Jan you are told you are going to be discharged ask the Lt Col (very reasonable, and will listen to reason) for a full medical board. This allows you to give your letters and also for a second opinion from the Occ Hlth consultant.

As i have said the Lt. Col. is very reasonable, and will give an unbiased opinion. Also if you have not been seen by a military ENT consultant for the lugs, and or general surgeon for the pinonidal sinus ask for referral. You should be at least assessed by these specailist's.

If this then happens and you are then discharged then you are stumped. But try for these at least.

Good luck! :lol:
If you have not already done it, formally request a copy of your military medical records. This will enable you to see everything that has been written about you, and if, as it seems, some of it is inconsistent you will have specific points to provide answers to.

This is scary i saw this post and thought........................ must have a look at my 'Docs'. I received all innocculations prior to Gulf one, guess what, apparently i didn't, go figure? There were a few other differences over the last 20 years as well, now realistically i bloody hate getting jabbed so i'm hardly liable to forget when it was done, i can still see the medics grinning faces! So how do i fix this one?

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