Medical deployment standards

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Chick24, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know the medical deployment standards , p3 with a permement downgrade but trying to deploy me
  2. Depends on the job you are being deployed into and location against any caveats that go with what you are downgraded for.
  3. Camp based job in afghan but I haven't passed my aft as I'm on a specific pt programme , can't wear full body armour due to back injury sustained in Iraqi in Ied vehicle explosion
    ive for med board next week
  4. before anyone who is downgraded can be deployed they have to have a medical risk assessment done, it's an annex in the Pulheems administrative pamphlet IIRC.
  5. Who does the medical risk assessment and is it likely I will be deployed
  6. From what I remember, your unit has to complete the first part. Location, role, type of work etc, the med centre does the second part looking at your suitability for it. I believe that to go you must be able to wear body armour and helmet.
    The medical risk assessment is designed to protect the individual as well as the MoD.
  7. Thanks , it's not been confirmed if I'm going yet but I'm Assuming it will depend on outcome of medical board and risk assessment hopefully it will pick up I can't wear full body armour
  8. Appendix 26 is the Deployment Medical Risk Assessment form and should be used in conjunction with Appendix 9.
  9. Why not just ask the doctor or read your appendix 9! If you can't pass AFT,wear body drama are trying to avoid a camp rats job and you are perm downgraded then you should be on the receiving end of a admin discharge!

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  10. So, you've not read the whole thread then?

  11. Yep I have read the full thread and IMO it reads like you are attempting to avoid a camp rat job; No matter what caused your injury, If you can't meet some basic requirements then you should be discharged. Why should you be any different from hundreds of other unfortunate soldiers? I am not saying I believe ALL injured service men or women should not be retained but if you can't meet the requirements of the service in one way or another then you should be discharged. You can't wear body drama or complete a AFT and you require your own PT programme so I would imagine you are heading for a further downgrading and eventual discharge on either medical or administrative grounds. Like I said rather than seeking advice on a internet site ask a the RAO and your unit Doctor and here is a novel the appendix 9! BELTER.

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