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Hello I was after a bit of advice, I was ment to start the army on the 8th of October but I broke my ankle a few weeks ago and was given a years defferal, it was In a cast for 3 weeks and within 2 weeks after that I was running about on it and the specialist and physio has said it's back to full strength and I should be able to do army training, is it worth putting an appeal in against the years defferal ?


You created an account on here purely to ask a load of has-beens, never-beens, disgruntled squaddies and experts on absolutely everything (and I include myself in at least 2 of those descriptions) ...something you could simply ask the recruiting office?

It's a classic Dr Pepper for me. Put in an appeal - what's the worst that can happen?

On the other hand, don't put in an appeal and you KNOW what will happen. **** all for a year.

Join us for next week's show, where someone will be asking us "Just what happens if I put my head in a lion's mouth whilst flickin it's luv spuds?"

1 year will give you time to strengthen the ankle & get back to full fitness.
Why would the army want you to break down in training & pay you to be off sick?
But you could always talk to your local ACIO for the definitive answer??



You cannot appeal against a rule.

You could only appeal a misdiagnosis, if for example your ankle had been merely sprained, and not actually broken.
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