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I'm just on the verge of going to the selection centre to (hopefully) join the AAC as a soldier with a view to eventually joining the RMP, but had a phonecall from the Army on saturday saying that my medical forms had come back from my GP and subsequently the army was deferring from attending selection.

Luckily, I had a look at the GP medical forms before they were sent off, and it appears my GP has just made up a load of stuff about my medical history, despite the fact I have absolutely no record of being treated for any of the things he's expressed a concern about, yet he's given me the all clear for knees despite the fact I had to attend physiotherapy to sort out a mild form of tendonitis a few years back.

Should I be worried that this will affect my application? or is GP complacency quite common? I was detailing the situation to my cousin who served in the RN before being discharged for colour blindness, and he said that the RN didn't even check with his GP, and failed to note that he had previously had a collapsed lung (great for submarines), psoriasis, and the bloke who was in the bunk above on his ship wet the bed.

advice much appreciated.

Geordie 88
Geordie - the GP has to check his records and make the Army aware of anything relevant to your application and your prospects of completing training.

If you believe that your GP has maliciously created medical evidence and you want to complain about it you should first contact the Practice Manager and then the Primary Care Trust with which the GP practice is aligned.
Cheers, I've given the AFCO a phone and they said I should be receiving a letter this week.

I don't think anything malicious has gone on, I just don't think the medical concerns on the form have any real substance in relation to my actual health. I've heard of people being deferred at the selection centre, but to have it done pre selection is a bit of gutter.
i can only fire a gun aiming with my left eye.
i had a squint opp 20 years ago i cannot read through my right eye but still can only see the first 3 to 5 letters on an eye test chart with my right eye.

would this stop me joining the infantry if so what other jobs could i do?

if this means i cannot use a weapon.

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