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Hi im a 24 y o lad was with a partner for 2 years who decided i had depression because she wasnt happy so i went to see my doc to satisfy her, after doc speaking to my partner and myself she then decided i had depression too and put me on happy pills. i never believed for one minute i was depressed but took the happy pills to shut my partner up eventually i left her as i couldnt take the constant nagging and felt instantly better which confirmed to me that it wasnt depression at all. well a few months later attempted to join the army passed the barb and other tests sent of my medical and got a deferral of two years due to having depression, so any way im appealing it explaining circumstances with my ex and getting a letter from g.p and a few character references. i just want to know if anyone has any idea what my chances are of winning the appeal and if theres anything else i can do to support it as i really really want to go in many thanks :D
So you didn´t need the "happy" pills but were taking them anyway.
Count yourself lucky you got a deferral rather than being dropped altogether for being a drug user.
Yes the SMO will have a good idea once he receives your appeal.......maybe send Disco some of those Happy pills as he will be depressed another threads been opened with the same kind of question that maybe should of gone in the Medical thread already open.
sorry only just started using this site so dont fully know how to use it yet and tbh i didnt even take them properly as i knew it was a load of crap, is it a bad idea mentioning the happy pills in my appeal then ? i ttrusted my docters opinion doesnt mean i agreed with her though :/
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