Medical Deferral - can someone give me some advice please?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fayemelissa, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Right, so i just passed ADSC with an A grade, but not fully passed the medical side.
    I had my kidney out when i was 3 and the doctor said that, for rules and reg, he has to send me off for a specialist appointment to make sure they are fine (which they are, haven't had any problems with them for 14 years) He said that it could take up to 6 weeks for the appointment to come through or the specialist might just write up a paper statement with no need for an appointment.
    I was wondering whether, firstly,do i need to take the deferral letter to my doctor?
    Also the tests will only require blood test and urine samples, can i not just do this at my doctors and send it off? should i ring my recruiter and ask?

    I've applied for combat Med Tech and because I got an A, there is only 4 other girls on the waiting list with that grade, I don't want to be waiting for ages and miss out on an early intake date. Want it sorted as soon as possible.

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  2. thanks, when i rang my careers office after selection. The man on the phone (unsure whether it was my recruiter) didn't have a clue :/
  3. Probably because it's a medical issue between yourself, the MO & your GP / subsequent specialist. Just bide your time & jump through the necessary medical hoops. It's not a rejection & some people wait(ed) years to finally enlist (such as myself).
  4. Thanks, i'll see what i can do. Just hope it doesn't take months to do a simple blood test.
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