Medical deferment - where on from here?

Having just recieved a very unpleasant letter in post I am wondering what my next step on towards enlistment is, if any

have been rejected on medical grounds due to the fact i went to see the local GP over recurrent right knee pain in januaryand told that all further appointments ,ie basic physical assessment, have been been cancelled. However, the letter from the medical assessment people said it is possible to reapply in april 2006 as long as I have 12 months clear of any trouble.

So having had two letters, one of which could be summerised as "sod off - your far too creaky for our needs" while the other stated "sorry, try again later and things might be alright if you have 12 months clear" i am wondering what my options are. If i can i will reapply in april (going Int core again) as I know full well i can pass the basic physical assessment with ease or are my chances well and truely b*gg*red? Opinions and advice sought for seriously miffed individual (though living in Hull is not helping matters either - fattest and worst town in the country, and thats official)
Hello, I think your best bet is to get your doc/pysiotherapist to write you a letter supporting your case and also compose a letter of appeal yourself and send them both to the medical wing. As long as you can run/walk/squat without hinderance or pain you should be able to getpass the medical at the RSC. If you went to the doc and he diagnosed you with some kind of knee condition then it might be a little tricky. If your ok now and cant see it being a problem just tell em it was a footballing injury or something and that your all better now. If all else fails just re-apply in April. Best of luck.
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