Medical deferment due to fracture

I've been awaiting enlistment in the regulars for coming up to a year-and-a-half now, having served with the TA for two. Several months ago i fractured my metatarsal at work, and upon the cast been removed i went back to the recruitment office to inform that all i needed was a couple of months to get back to my previous fitness level, and where could i sign..only to be told new medical guidelines state a twelve month period is required for full recovery. Unfortunately, two weeks before breaking the bone, i was due to have completed my PREVIOUS years deferment (unrelated and resolved). As you can imagine, this is all rather frustrating to say the least, having to wait two years before i can enter, at the earliest. Strangely enough, i still train with the TA, the accident having no bearing on the work i do with them (and yes, keep the jokes coming :D ). So what i wish to know is A)is this correct, the years recovery period? the recruiting sergeant didnt seem to know his arrse from his elbow, B) is there a process of appeal, on an individual case basis, C) i am trying to get on a herric tour to fill the time and gain experience in the mean time - will this be an issue on the pre-op medical? if the stresses on the bone from basic training are too excessive, why should op's be any less? Any contacts, answers and loopholes greatly appreciated as i am slowly losing my sanity!
Firstly even in the TA you should be downgraded with your injury and therefore not able to go on ops anyway. Also it depends what you plan to do on ops ie are you infantry or clerk etc, lots of very different jobs all of which rarely have any bearing on the pounding you take in BT (some higher impact, some lower - before you all start!)

Secondly metatarsal stress fractures are common in basic training and the fact that you already have had one thats weakened they will want to protect you - its for your benefit not theirs! the new medical guidelines are usually based on research and not as random as they used to be.

I know its frustrating at the minute but imagine how p****** off you'll be 12 weeks in BT and it goes again and you are back squadded?
Like NKP says, it's for your protection. There are routes of appeal, but I can't think of any orthopaedic consultant who'd back you up with this one.

Serve out your deferment and use the time constructively - 2 stress fx's already means you're doing something wrong! Do your boots fit OK? Might you benefit from a sorbothane footbed? Do you need gait analysis? How are you training - is the impact too high?

All these are things to work through whilst in the sin bin. If it is your footwear, one of the military docs (inc TA) can sign you a special boy chit for non-issue footwear.