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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dawsy, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. All,

    I applied for the army around feburary last year and went through the BARB test and such also went on a fitness test to do the basic 1.5m run ect and after completing all of these with ease I was declined upon my medical.

    I have a skin condition called psoriasis and have had it from when I was young, It hasn't ever affected me when coming to physical activity and this was proven with the fitness day i did.

    I recieved a letter from Litchfeild stating that I had been declined but however could appeal against it? I do have quite a serviour case of P on my body but it doesnt affect me physically.

    What my question is that if I clear my P up and get a approval from a specialist will I have more of a chance to be accepted into the Army forces?

    I think this will be the same issue on applying for the Royal Navy, RAF ect as well.

    Many Thanks,

  2. You didn't read the notes given to you did you? It does specifically say that Psoriasis is a permanent bar to entry
  3. Chaps. A "Sorry" might be in order. Thanks for volunteering but no. Maybe even an explanation ? Psoriasis not a handy thing to have at any time but very likely to cause major issues when deployed into the desert, jungle, wet and mud etc for months on end and unable to get showered etc. Add in the current manning issues where we have a whole raft of injured folk we are trying to assist and who will be taking up a fair few oif the "non-deployable" posts for the forseeable, another 5300 redundancies just announced and a trawl on to search out the medically unfit and "PAP10" medically discharge them. Trying to come in as less than medically top notch is therefore unlikely.
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  4. Is that on top of the recent 5600 redundancies?
  5. From JSP 950 (previously JSP 346)

    3.10.6. Candidates with active psoriasis affecting >5% body surface area (BSA)
    should normally be graded P8. Candidates with a previous history of psoriasis
    affecting >5% may be graded P2 provided they have remained free from
    symptoms whilst off treatment for 5 years. They should only have ever required
    treatment with emollients, vitamin D and analogues, or weak steroids. If the
    extent of the disease has always been mild (<5% BSA) and does not interfere
    with the wearing of military clothing or equipment, candidates may be graded
    P2 irrespective of the requirement for topical treatment.
    3.10.7. Guttate psoriasis. Candidates with a history of guttate psoriasis which
    has fully resolved may be graded P2.
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