Medical declaration appeal

I've had my application rejected based on the medical declaration, however I don't believe the reasons for rejection would prevent me from carrying out the role of an officer. The reasons were;

  1. Dermatitis
  2. Broken bone
  3. Sprained ankle
  4. Knee pain

The dermatitis was caused by a contact allergy to a Casio watch with a resin strap in Nov 2009. I haven't experienced it with anything else and although it takes 2-3 days for me to develop symptoms from the watch I simply don't wear it anymore.

The broken bone was 5th metatarsal in Oct 2011 and I was given the all clear by the hospital at a check up 5 weeks after the injury. The form gave a multiple choice for the location of the breakage (with no ability to select none) and the choices were collarbone, upper arm, lower arm, thigh or lower leg so I selected lower leg which could be why that's flagged up an issue.

The sprained ankle was in Jan this year and has fully healed now and actually feels stronger than it did before I injured it.

Knee pain was only about a month ago but was caused by me over exercising and pulling my core muscles, two days later the pain was gone. The other three I saw medical professionals for and can get the records to further explain them and in the case of the fracture the confirmation that it had healed. I also plan on asking my doctor to check my ankle to ensure that has healed correctly. I am fairly worried about the knee pain though, in my teens I regularly had issues with my knees and after finally getting referred to a specialist I was told it was due to weaker than average core muscles and advised to do pilates to strengthen them. I went to classes once a week for about 4-6 weeks but then was unable to attend the same one and never got around to finding another(possibly because it's so boring) but I did notice a difference in that short space of time. That was 7 years ago and now I very rarely experience pain unless I actually strain the muscles, I've started pilates again now to strengthen them and prevent future injuries and I'm also taking care not to overdo sit-ups.

Does it sound like it is worth appealing? The reasons for rejection when properly explained, which can't be done through tick boxes, don't fall under the list of reasons for rejection on Medical conditions - British Army Website though I'm sure that isn't an exhaustive list. After speaking to the walk-in centre it could start to get costly chasing reports on the above, they want £10 for each and I'll need two records from them as well as one from two different hospitals and one from my doctors. Presumably my doctor won't charge to examine my ankle and confirm in writing that it's ok.

Edit: I plan on visiting my local ACO tomorrow for proper advice, but figured opinions from random strangers can't hurt
Hello Welshie, this is Old Rat.

I'm not a vet of any colour. On the face of it you should have a sound case for appeal, except for that nasty expression " Knee pain." I forget the exact number, but the army loses about ten per cent of any intake because of lower limb failures, so you'd expect them to be chary about your " Knee pain." You need to get to the bottom of it, identify the precise cause and put a programme in place to eliminate it. That may possibly involve advice from a specialist sports physio of repute.The sprain and broken bone wouldn't normally be a drama, but you should also research everything you can over that dermatitis.

Never forget, it's your career, so you may have to fight for it.

Old Rat

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