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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by hellfyyr, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. I am considering applying to the RAMC for commission. I have wide experience of the Army, transferable skills on the logistic side and have always been interested in the Corps. I increasingly feel that my own corps does not have a lot to offer me if I applied for commsision later on and was wondering if anyone would be interested in corresponding to give me a feel for what is expected and the feeling within the Corps for outside entrants.

    This topic may have been done before but I would be grateful if you could humour me if anyone is feeling kind enough to provide sensible discussion.
  2. why didnt you transfer earlier? This is a question I used to ask at selection interviews for hopefuls wanting to be ODPs:
    me: why do you want to be an ODP?
    Candidate: I've always wanted to be an ODP
    me: why have you been in the REME /a CMT/ RLC for 5 years then?

    what makes you think the RAMC has?
    For many years the RAMC has been seen by those on the outside to be the easy option for a commission, however this year the LE commissions were only open to those who were serving AMS WOs.
  4. :wink:
  5. What is it like??

    I've been reading up on 2 Med Bde and it seems its quite different to others, i.e. you have things called newsletters. You also seem to be getting more (complex) comms kit than my current TA Sigs Bde.

    p.s. I don't intend on changing capbadge before someone jumps down my throat.
  6. Ahh the first person to be a dick is EHT; how strange. I should not even dignify your dire attempt with a response.

    I have quite a few years left and hardly want a cheat sheet here. I deal with the RAMC on a daily basis (currently on ops with them) and can see why you commisioned people from outside your own Corps to provide certain capabilities that your personnel do not have.
  7. Thats right, its always good to have a RAMC badged officer who knows nothing about the clinical side being made OC Hosp Sqn.
  8. but you did though...he he he :D
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    PS. Still not a moderator yet then?!
  10. Actually no, been a bit busy on ops...
  11. Of course the decade or so of other very pertinent information I have gained might save me a bit of time and allow me to concentrate on learning a little about the clinical side. I also thought I might start at Captain if that's ok with you Filbert; sort of work my way up to OC Hosp sqn over time :D

    I asked a very serious question and sadly I am not getting a great deal of support from people I thought might be a bit better than that. I will persevere with finding out through other mens.
  12. whatever floats your boat....not illegal anymore

    ps...there is at least a 20 page thread on this, and if you are as clever as you say you are, then you will not need the help of some random jokers on an anonymous web site. You do appear very precious though, so you are halfway there in being an MSO anyway :D

    (you do know what an MSO is don't you :?
  13. I would read some of the threads that have been posted on here about TFI LE commisions etc, some of us have our own opinions about it and have put these down numerous times before.

    Personally from my experience most if not all the TFI commisions I worked with in my 13 years were absolute 'tools', but I may well have been unlucky, the best LE commissioned bods were usually ex RAMC CMT's or OTT/ODPs, ones who had earned the rank and not arsed kissed.

    What special qualities can someone from out of the corps bring to being an MSO?

    It's something that I have always wondered about, as the ones I met brought nothing extra to the table at all, in fact with less clinical appreciation and experience in running various medical facilities such as RAP's, FD AMB Sections, Dressing Stations, Medical Centres, Hospital Departments which most if not all RAMC WO's have at some stage, I personally think that TFI's bring less to the table.

    If you do get through the board then good luck to you, and I hope you are not like the TFI Rodneys I had to contend with.

    Not a personal pop as I obviously don't know you, but my corps for years commissioned from other corps and arms and in my opinion damaged it no end in the process.
  14. I thoght my first post in this thread was very serious (especially for me!)

    As for the 'mens' bit, I hope thats not why you are especially interested in the medics!
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