MEDICAL condition??!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by twitch13, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. :D I want to join the army but has a medical condition called chrondodysplasia puntarta. I know the army are quite picky about this kinda thing and i was just wondering if it would stop me from joining. If you need any info on the condtion then pleasee ask as some of the stuff on the internet does not realate to me and it is not as extreme as they make out.
  2. From JSP 346;

    In all cases, the first principles in determining whether a recruit with a musculoskeletal condition is fit for military service comprise the following aspects that can generally be determined by an appropriately trained medical officer following the functional assessment examination procedure:

    a. Asymptomatic.
    b. No deformity that interferes with function or use of “off the shelf”
    military equipment, i.e. any residual deformity should not prevent the
    use of clothing (especially gloves and boots).
    c. A full range of movement.
    d. Satisfactory functional assessment.
    e. Inquiry about physical activity comparable with military service (see also Leaflet 1, paragraph 3.1.3.) This is especially important in the assessment of recovery from previous injury or surgery but should not be construed as a pre-selection physical fitness requirement.


    3.1.3. Physical Activity. Prior to their application, potential recruits should be without pain or other symptoms e.g. aching, limping, etc when undertaking regular and substantial levels of exercise. This is to ensure that applicants have been exposed to levels of exercise that will be encountered during initial military training. The following activities may be considered representative of the type of activities required

    a. Running 30 – 40 minutes twice weekly.
    b. Hill walking with 10 kg load (backpack) for 90 – 120 minutes
    (6 – 8 miles) weekly

    This level of activity is recommended in all circumstances in which “activity
    comparable with military service” is referred to below and should be proven before specialist referral (if indicated). N.B. the recruit/deferree/re-enlister can only be strongly advised to achieve this type of activity. Care must be taken to ensure that an “order” (and thus responsibility of the MoD) is not implied.
  3. Conradi-Hunnermann disease?