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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Harribo, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi, Have been in TA for 20 years (currently SSgt) diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 3 years ago. Now doesn't really cause a problem and have not had TA medical in that time. Also always completed and passed all MATT's. Unfortunately this year had another medical problem that meant couldn't do CFT on last available weekend (was involved in running MATT 5 on all others and CFT ran at same time. ) Now been told have to go before medical board. The other problem is almost sorted but I will have to tell them what other medication I am taking ie for the colitis. How do I stand with this and what happens if you get downgraded, bearing in mind that I am more than capable of the physical stuff,(and want to do it) it may just mean I cant be deployed to certain places. Anyone else had a similar experience ?
  2. How have you managed to avoid PULHEEMS ?
  3. Had medical at just before symptoms started so all was fine( prob more like two an a half years rather than 3 ) and not been sent for one since.
  4. Hey

    Sorry to resurrect a dead thread but I've got a similar query.

    I am in the process of joining the RAF Reserve. They were much more positive and welcoming compared to the TA and offered a Commission and the opportunity for future deployment (possibly on a MERT team) in a far more enthusiastic light. They seemed very keen on recruiting me. I'm an experienced civilian A&E nurse who has also worked extensively in the civilian aeromedical evacuation role. In addition I have done a considerable amount of wilderness and expedition support in my spare time.

    I am fit and certainly able to pass the medical.

    However, I had colitis diagnosed four years ago after being admitted to hospital with abdo pain and diarrhoea. Since then I have had no further episodes and no steroid treatment. I have not required continual medication.

    I regularly work outdoors and provide medical care in wilderness situations. I have never had a problem.

    If I mention Colitis I'm done.

    Therefore, I'm thinking of not mentioning it.

    Whilst I do not expect anyone on here to advise me to lie I am just trying to ascertain the chances of being caught. Do the Medical people automatically write to everyone's GP when they join?

    I realise that lying about this suggests I may lack integrity. However, I have rationalised this to myself by thinking that I am good at what I do and could certainly be useful in helping our current efforts overseas. Soldiers lied about their age and other things to enlist in previous wars, particularly ww1.

    Any ideas or shall I just pull out of the process and accept I can't help our efforts?
  5. have 3rd stage syphylis and got through pulheems the doctor was a bit puzzled though when my knob fell off during the eye test
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  6. Dear Sir

    Thank you for taking the time to reply although I must confess that I found your response about as helpful as the Syphilis which you described. I suspect the fault lies in me for expecting more from a man with no knob.

    Best wishes.
  7. Clicky if this is too subtle, please let me know.
  8. That you mention you have rationalised that you need not mention a medical condition as 'You" feel you have something to offer! a small point

    'Rationalisation' or 'failure to disclose' is just saying bugger integrity...
  9. Yes it isn't your colitis that worries me, it's your apparent psychopathic tendencies...
  10. Yes ... that's a fair point. I'm continuing to think this through and it's helpful to get some comments.

    Ultimately I guess it shouldn't be up to me where to draw the line and if I can bend this rule and make it "OK" then I may be the type that would do so on other issues too. That would be their thinking I guess?

    Hey ... we all have our cross to bear :wink:
  11. Well your joining the raf so not exactly going to be helping our efforts anyway :twisted: .
    Declare it anyway if you been clear for 4 years cant see it as a problem.

    The S/Sgt dont know your role but if you dont declare and then role up at chillwell only to get the knock back going to look pretty stupid .