Medical condition, help!

:x i have just been diagnosed with something called "achalasia" tryed to find out through my ACIO if i can still join up but no luck, they seem useless? my problem is basically the muscle above my stomach is too tight and causes the food not too pass, going into hospital to have it sorted no operation just a ballown that stretches it, doctor seems pretty sure should be cured after this.

If anybody can help me out here i would very much appreciate it! as joining the army is all ive ever wanted and now ive just turned 19 am gettin anoyed with civvie life as cant find a job i like.

hope i used the forum correctly, appologies if not :D

many thanks

if your only chance is to have an op, then get it done and re-apply when your healed, look on the bright side mate, your 19 and want to join, I'm 28 and going through the application process ;) you have plenty of time!
It may slow your application down but successful dilatation (widening) of the achalasia should sort you out ultimately.

With the problems I'd imagine you'll be having at the moment with it you're unlikely to get past the board, but ask the ACIO to get an occupational medicine opinion. To be honest you don't want to be stagging on with all the extra dramas you might have, just give it a short time.
If they don't let you in, wait a few years. In those years, get a job and get fit. Who knows you may discover a different job than the Army that your interested in. But if you are a really dertermined guy, you will last out those few years then join. Either way good luck.
Would you blame a butchers shop for not being able to buy an apple or a post office for not being able to get a pint?

So dont blame an ACIO or a recruiter for not knowing a medical question as everything to do with medical conditions is IN CONFIDENCE between you, your GP and the medical staff at ADSC. As a recruiter your not allowed to say NO YOU CANT GET IN with a condition all you can do is advise on the 4 year period for asthma . You then issue the medical forms and its up to the experts who have been to university for medical expertise.

Im sure if these USELESS recruiters as you put it were asked questions on recruiting and jobs they would be able to give you all the info you need.

Find out with your GP what this medical condition means and get his expertise or a specialist on the subject and fill out an RG8. If you do manage to get medically suitable the nxt stage is sort your fcuking attitude out or you may not get any further down the application process.

Apologies for my language but those people who are continually slating recruiters for not being able to get in need a reality check and really consider if joining the forces is the right choice.
Thanks for the advice, and im NOT slating the ACIO as such, my recruiting SGT has been a great help with me choosing a trade and all his support, couldnt ask for any better, BUT they keep telling me they are finding out weather i need a letter from my doctor or what.

i belive they are doing there best to find out and ok sorry "useless" was the wrong thing to say, i just wanted to know if any 1 knew if it would definatly rule me out for serivce.

oh and where i live, the post office is in the yes i would plame them if i couldnt get a pint :D

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